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Brisbane Hazy Sunset Tonight's Sunset Foggs Rd Sunset Last pink of sunset Sunset over Ferny Grove Greenhill Sunset Tribute Pink Clouds and Ibis Bushfire Sunset on Cedar Creek Road A touch of Pink Sunset over Wivenhoe Sunset Rays Catching some Rays Sunset Grass - My Crop Sunset Grass - Alison's Crop Sunset Grass - Helen's Crop Sunset Grass Guess Where? - Brisbane #4 Green Bridge at Sunset Sunset and Silhouettes Sunset over the Brisbane River Afternoon Cloud Sunset over Samford Valley Stormy Clouds, Golden Tree City Express Last sunset of 2008 Brisbane City Watching the Surfers Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Pink clouds and a Rainbow Just a tree at sunset Caught a few rays... Reflected Sunset Sunset from Ft Lytton Mount Funnel Sunset Tonight's sunset Sunset Layers Dusk Opera House Sunset at Canyon Lookout Draining Rock, Dead Tree Three Long-exposure Sunset At the end of the day... Flared Grass Abstraction Brisbane from the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs Grasstree at Sunset Grass Lighthorse at Sunset Sunset at Rocky Creek Dam Sunset from Kangaroo Point Panorama at Sunset Brisbane from Kangaroo Point (experimental) Red rocks in the sunset Late afternoon Brisbane Surprise Sunset over Brisbane