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Topknot Pigeons Are you looking at me ? Immature Tawny Frogmouth What's in my Bag ? Two asleep, up close In between the cracks... Transparent Moth New Kit Flower Hand Bouquet on a Bush Coral garden edging Pacific Black Duck, stretching Another day at the beach... New Desk! Creative Egg Real Pressure Cooker Steamer Baskets Me - triptych Focus Diptych Dead Branch Gecko Boonie's Boys on Adelaide St Foot! It wasn't me! Torresian Crow Photo of the Day Salt and Pepper Evil Andrew Andrew Rae Eagle St Pier Reflected Parking Meter King Parrot - back again Green Tree Frog Blue Bottle Flickr, food for photographers Twin Lens Reflection Table full of Brisbanites Felix42 Wedges with a side order of Brisbanites Floating Lime Duckie on a Wine Glass Flickr Balloons 7 Eleven Red Lamp King Parrot #2 King Parrot House Sparrow about to fly away Quirky Chimney The Front of St John's Cathedral Door Latch Archway at St John's Cathedral Saint John's Cathedral The Masonic Lodge St Andrew's on Creek St Poking the Sun Central Station and Ann St Brisbane Town Hall Happy Happy Pizza (widescreen edition) Happy Happy Pizza (cooked) Happy Happy Pizza (uncooked) Debris on the Path Back by popular demand... Willy Wagtail Forest Kingfisher in the Mangroves Vines gone Mad Palm Spray Open Space Boundary Flying Ant Closeup of the Steamer Baskets Giant Nobby Metal Soccer Balls Bush Stone Curlew - Threat Display King Parrot Hardhead Duck ? Grebe ? Buff-banded Rail Mother and Chick Red Crate on Mary St Noisy Minor on a Flower Cycad Cone Duck down by the River Not this little Black Duck! New Flickrite Hibiscus Striated Heron having a scratch Striated Heron in a tree Pacific Black Duck, on a stick Unknown Bird Red Crates in an alley Four Cow Posse Bush Stone Curlew - Head Crop Cattle Egret in Flight Bush Stone Curlew Family Baby Bush Stone Curlew Blame it on the Moon Cedar Creek It's Raining! New Tripod Glowing Grass Hatched! Australian White Ibis Striated Heron Striated Heron Red Crate on a Boat The $63 ream of paper! Red Crate at Ferny Grove Tavern Kara in the truck Aleks Licking the Bowl Canon T50 SLR Gwain escorts the Giant Apple to the faire... Holden Blimp Yet another Kookaburra photo... Laughing Kookaburra Two Kookaburras sitting on a branch... Two Kookaburras Kookaburra at my feet! Happy Bugs Attack of the Dread Pirate Aleks Baked Mango Cheesecake - cut Baked Mango Cheesecake Cedar Creek Valley Old Tin Shed Old Case Tractor Toad Hall Sign The Toad at Toad Hall Grevilleas outside Toad Hall Yellow Flower Stairway to the River Nostalgia Attack! Noisy Minor Calf Cow Quintych of Album Covers Amstrad PC1512 Reflections of a Bridge Flowers in a Drought Brisbane River at Wivenhoe Pocket Rd View from Picnic Point lookout Guess Where? - Brisbane #5 What is it ? Blue Wren Egret #2 Egret Monument to Alfred Thomas Aleks thinks he can hear a car Aleks can't sit still for a second Aleks outside on a rock Lights Gateway to the River Story Bridge Abandoned building with a view Portable Dry-Dock Interesting old house on the riverbank Riverside Walkway Water Dragon Do not catch the fish Moo Cards Unpacked Moo Cards! Kara after dessert Strawberry Indulgence Slice of Cherry Clafoutis Cherry Clafoutis Eye Spy with Harvest Moon Rob and Car Harvest Moon on High Redcliffe Jetty and Eye Spy Redcliffe Jetty and Eye Spy (lightened version) Eye Spy a Moon Harvest Moon Forest Kingfisher Foal and Mare (for Helen) Stop Sign Keys Not Impressed Overcome Kara gives The Meaning of Life... Yellow on Blue Orgasmic Pane di Chocolat Brahminy Kite Maiala Picnic Grounds Inquisitive Currawong Corner HDR Twilight New Faces Catching some Rays Hiding behind his camera... At the end of twilight... State Govt Building More Brisbane Lights Riverside Twilight Brisbane Twilight Sunset Grass - My Crop Sunset Grass - Alison's Crop Sunset Grass - Helen's Crop Sunset Grass Leaf City Unintentional Double Exposure 26Things::Traffic Why Hello! The Pony next door Study Bookshelves New Council Chambers Train Carriage Raindrops on Windows... Clouds over Ferny Grove Station Loaf and Two Buns Guess Where? - Brisbane #4 New Raynox 6600 Wide Converter Mack - crop for Helen Excalibur Palm tree reflections Studebaker Steering Wheel Kara poses with the Studes Gold-topped building Pure Bokeh - Studebaker Style Vampiress Kara Nesting Curlew Curlew - Near the Nest Curlew - Guarding the nest Paul Gilmore-Walsh Doug Formby - President of the Qld RSL Brisbane from Kangaroo Point Brisbane at Night The Story Bridge at Night Green Bridge at Sunset Sunset and Silhouettes J in the Clover Jane in the Clover Down amongst the clover Louise Drama Queen Eaten By Snake... The latest in Lizard Fashions... Rest in Peace Diptych Crosses Little Green Spider The Girls There is No Death - redux Kara and Avarice Wishful Thinking ? Dad Sad The Sept. Brisbanites Meet Avarice and Albert Nikhi Snake + Bokeh Avarice Lubitel 6x6 Through the looking glass... Green Flower RBG Bokeh Grevillea Bokeh Samford Rural Fire Brigade 26Things::Mirror 26Things::Curvaceous The Goodwill Foot-Bridge taken from a CityCat Fanned Palm Leaves AMP Building Windy! Spot-AE Lorikeets Rainbow Lorikeets Nesting Noisy Minor Blur Noisy Minor Darter on a branch Darter drying himself Kookaburra Torresian Crow View from Damongah Lookout, Mt Mee Decayed history Nocturnal Visitor Grass Fire at Cedar Creek Appelflappen Lightbulb St Matthews Church St Matthews Church Cedar Creek Cascades Not the way out... Solitary Red Grevillea Old Churchyard Bell F-111 fly over for RiverFire 2006 Fireworks for RiverFire 2006 #4 Fireworks for RiverFire 2006 #3 Fireworks for RiverFire 2006 #2 Fireworks for RiverFire 2006 #1 Waterfall Cedar Creek small waterfall Morning over Cedar Creek Rock 'n' Aleks It's a Furphy! Old Railway Station The Road Burner Lone tree in the carpark Stink Bug on my Camera Bag Steam Engine Panorama Mack Steam tractor under way Gobble Gobble! Merino Sheep Peacock Calf Tiny Frog #1 - Litoria rubella Tiny Frog #2 - Litoria rubella Tiny Frog #3 Brisbane River and Riverside Expressway Giant Lacewing - Sculpture White Faced Herron Steam Engine Balls - Governor Steam Tractor in the Mall Jean photographing Steve and myself. Short Cut History Kara on a Hill Little Purple Weed - Goat Weed Precarious Seat Odd Camera Out My Lunch Parsnips The Shoot hits the Fan Gas Stripping Tower Davies Park Old Cameras Nikhila's New Boots Jean Gas Stripping Tower Country Singer Brisbanites Cyron Shoots Up The One Man Band Blooming Callistemons My New Ute! Bee on a Bottlebrush Australian Magpie Australian Wood Duck Mitchelton Peace Sign Kara finds the Pretty Weed Because we like living in a Police State Rosie and Angus The Other Pineapple Looking out Go you big red fire engine! City Tabernacle, Brisbane Moon Flowers inside Flowers Eastern Water Dragon Great Egret Bicycle Bee on Lavendar Juvenile Pied Butcher Bird Alone they're harmless... Flickering Candle(s) Glowing leaves Train Crossing Choo Chooo! Yawn! Holy!  The Saltwater Croc. Honeysuckle Flowers Rescued Stranded People Baharat Meatballs and Lentil Rice Duyfken Vital Statistics Reflection of Nature Lewin's Honeyeater Fungus Flowing creek Cedar Creek Glowing Building Kara in Profile Edward St Main Mast, Sails, Rigging and Blue Sky. Looking through the gun port. St Stephen's Cathedral ASX Reflection Grevillea Flower Pulley Swivel Gun The Victory Hotel Sunset over the Brisbane River Ropes Waterfront Place The Duyfken approaching the Customs House dock Afternoon Cloud Duyfken arrives in Brisbane Lorikeet Feeding Holden Ute Ferris Wheel at Night Fireworks Red Ferris Wheel Chainsaw demonstator Highly Commended - Cedar Creek Swimming Hole Prize Winning Puppies Lone Tree with Moon The Brisbane Town Hall Clock Tower The Spiegeltent in King George Square Reflection of a 1925 Studebaker 1925 Studebaker Hood Ornament 1928 Packard Hood Ornament Aleks finds a cache Rusty Powerbox Hot Sauces - Birthday Present Ghostly Aleks The Famous Cyclone Mel Girraween Panorama Spectators Log and Coin at GCX2N0 Landing Knights Fighting Fletching Gauntlet Toy boat Mackay and Islands from Slade Pt Greenhill Beach Creek The Gin Gin Fire Station Weathered House in Gin Gin, Qld Wide Load, just South of the Tropic of Capricorn Koumala, Queensland The Water(?) tank at the Koumala pub Dragonfly on Granite Seedpod on the beach Crab up close A Montage of Aleks in the Surf Kara in the Surf Hibiscus in the early morning sunlight Shell fused to a rock Shell on the beach Wow!  We're driving down the beach! New life on the beach Thong on the Tracks Sunset over Samford Valley Green Tree Frog Puppy in a Pie Plate What's in my Camera Bag?