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Goat! Squire on horseback Gypsy Horse Nikhi Driad Gypsy Wagon Gypsy Goat Camp of the Knights Empire Germanica Trotting by... Skill at Arms Retaliation Ze Germans are coming! Geisha Girl P51D Mustang With flowers in her hair... Tent-pegging Australian Lighthorse Regiment Soldier Tank go BOOOM Fire! German Half-track I love the smell of napalm in the morning... Explosion Charge of the Lighthorse History Alive is on this weekend! Special Night Firing French Infantry The 19th Alabama Regiment Portrait of a Knight Number 5 Gun The French take the Hill Napoleonic Military Portrait Belinda and her horse Gecko Lady Talisien on Fenris Eslite d'Corps - Birds of Prey and Falconry Demonstration - Masked Owl A little Tank at History Alive, 2010 Stars over Emu Gully Lighthorse at Sunset One third of the Andrew Sisters Tribute Band AGS Machine Gun Nest Boom! Fuel Dump Charging horses, explosions, men in trenches... Masked Owl Colleen of the Order of Dracul Blacksmith at work Nankeen Kestrel The Fairyland at the bottom of the Garden Historica Germanica's Falconet. Contemplative Gypsy Firebreathers! Gypsy Gatekeeper Mother and Child Napalm strike at Emu Gully Land and Air Show 25lb field gun at Emu Gully Australian Light Horse - Charge of Semakh - 1917. Emu Gully Photos are online - http://clients.degrootphotography.com.au/EmuGully/ Emu Gully Air and Land Spectacular is on this Weekend! How low can you go ? Napalm Drop War Photographer 37mm Anti-tank gun QPA firing at Emu Gully on Sunday Number 5 Gun Flaming Trebuchets Emma Time-warp