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Melanie - glance Astrid Christie looking up Ringlight reflection  (Astrid) Sunset Christie Astrid and the sunset Melanie - Low Key Astrid Christie Melanie Brisbane Strobists - Group shot Black and White Coy Sassy Candid Kara Jono in Blue Jono Blue Kara Kara in high-key sepia Jade on the grass Kara Kara of the streaming hair Maggie on the railing Jade Sunset The Uma Thurman Pose Maggie - blue sky Jade The Group! The Group! Bond Girl Kara of the many coloured hair Kara - dawn light Kara on Greg's Couch Jono on Blue Trepidation Kara, Outside Experimenting with Hard Light Cyron Mum Dad James at the Coffee Club Kara has new Bling Paul Kara Kara in a Bucket Hat Kara Martin Kara at Vroom It smells! Rae Nikhi under the Bridge Ambra up close Jono Lea Kara looking bored in the Mall Kara Heidi Pointy Pedro the Gang Pedro, Rachel and Steve Nikhi @ Ft Lytton Greg Asterope A Shot in the Dark... Jane Smiley Kara (crop) Kara at Nikhi's place Nikhi The Lift Driver Me at the Pig & Whistle Tough Guy Coralie (ferrous) at the Regatta Jono untitled Smile! Cyron Kara Heidi Gil Adrian Lea in the Afternoon Aleks shooting the camera Jono at the Airport Kara Kara at the Airport FSU Rep. checking on the Demonstration Testing the SpeedLite 188A Me - triptych Kara in the truck Aleks thinks he can hear a car Aleks can't sit still for a second Aleks outside on a rock Kara after dessert Paul Gilmore-Walsh Jane in the Clover Kara on a Hill Jean Kara in Profile Lazing in the Sun Smile Ruby Ruby on the grass Kara Buckethead Girl Heidi Martin At Peace Trevor Mel Kane Ebony Sashaan Ashley Cynthia Nicole Matt Test model ;-) Surrealism, an experiment Striated Pardalote Allan Me and My Shadow Kara in the Tunnel Teegan at Fort Lytton Kara in the Generator Room Teegan & Jess Matt Tim & Sarah Fashion on the floor Upcoming Workshop Kara up close Kara with Red Hair Josh and the Story Bridge Kym and the Cactus Sian Jess and her reflection Kym ♫ Little China Girl ♪ Bella Jess Coralee Quirky  Lil' Gangster Emma Emma - swimsuit Water Mohawk The Billabong Sharna The whole crew Riki Kara against the wall Short-lit profile of Kara Ninja Kara From the cutting room floor... The Chair Silly Children Australian Lighthorse Regiment Soldier French Infantry Portrait of a Knight Napoleonic Military Portrait Muscle Baby inside At the end of the day... Kara Gladiator! Contemplative Gypsy Mother and Child Jono as Mr Smith Kara with Christmas Lights