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Hiding under Mum Canna Lilly Jetski Cyron at Jo Jo's Cyron shoots with the big Canon Papa Duck Meta-Chimping Duckling Red flower Feeding time The dome from inside The Geodesic Dome (10mm) The Geodesic Dome (50mm) Bicycle Pan Swim away... Kara Jono Monster Reflected Parenthood Waterfall Masked Lapwing Chick Last pink of sunset A Wedding Party Clouds Willie Wagtail More panning practice Eastern Water Dragon Panning Practice On the move... Cyron Bush Turkey Pacific Black Duck with Ducklings Little Black Cormorant Intermediate Egret Waterfall The Taxi Driver Cyron World's Ugliest Church Shooting ??? Indooroopily Hotel Typical Large Indooroopily House J Profile Chris, Evil Genius Ming Little Red Boots Brisbane Zombie Walk 2008 Salt and Pepper Andrew Rae asterope* Parsnips Turbulence Drama over Noosa Heads Seaside waterfalls Watching the Surfers Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Rocks... lots of rocks Cape Byron Lighthouse 6 minutes before dawn Experiment at the Lighthouse Blue Hour Clouds over Brisbane Sunday evening in the City Late afternoon surf Dawn at Byron Bay Lighthouse Nick, the Friendly Zombie