Tag: EF 50mm F/1.8 II

Ex-Army Motorcycle Stone Mason at work Wooden Cow Jaguar Spider Lily Do you really need an excuse ? Comet McNaught in B&W Brisbane City Comet Mc Naught Comet McNaught (2006/P1) Sunset over Wivenhoe Lea in the Afternoon Unplugged Submerged Odd Flower Mangrove Wave Hanging On Lichen these textures... Grass Tree Blooming Ginger Home Upside-down Miss Jane! Water Dragon Flower Support Rocky Path B Positive Shell Ginger Blossums Garlic Tiger Prawns with Stir-fry vegetables in Oyster Sauce. Pirate Potato Heads Pond Apple Pie Sunset Rays Variagated Rose A red rose Lorikeets For Margot... Star Trails Puppy at the supermarket Kodak Pony 828 Leaving on a Jet Plane Aleks shooting the camera Aleks, stuck... Reflected Aleks & Lea Red Crate at Brisbane Airport Brisbane Domestic Airport But... Aleks Jono at the Airport Kara Kara at the Airport The plane! with bonus dinosaurs A tunnel for four year olds... Fluffly and coated in sugar... Dreamy Donuts FSU Rep. checking on the Demonstration Row of disgruntled employees Demonstrating for thier jobs Westpac Demonstators #2 Westpac Demonstators Old and Tattered Angles, Arches and Colours Pulpit St John's Cathedral Another Reversed Lens Macro Testing the SpeedLite 188A Night Driving Come into the Mangroves... Three Candles Kamikaze the Parrot Mangroves (before processing) Building at Ft Lytton Kara taking another shot Red Water Pump Hook! Baby Birds! Down the tunnel... Observation Slit triptych Greg's Large Format Camera Kara shoots across the river 4 inch gun Rachel & Steve Our Guide Pedro shoots Magazine Tunnel Big Gun Flickr Face Signals Bike Our Christmas Tree Reversed Lens Macro test Photo of a painting of a landscape scene Hickory Dickory Dock Angus - post-Grooming Angus - pre-Grooming City Tabernacle Happy Happy Pizza dipstych Windmill Sweets Duck on a Rock Squared Circle Splash! Does this side look better ? Encore! Duck #1 Water Dragon Red Crate in ANZAC Square So dry even the toads have shrivelled up... Ducks in Flight (crop) Old tree stump Kara sets up the shot No Swimming or Watercraft! Rose on a Barbed Wire Fence Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo Lunch Gotcha CA Test - Strong Backlight Dusky Moorhen Traffic Cone Jono being silly Red Crate Hiding Flower Hand - ver 2.0 Purple Daisy New Kit