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Aft Flooded Pre-Dawn HQMS Gayundah Shorncliffe Art Fire in the Sky Mini-Dunes Ghost on the Pier Kara - dawn light Pre-Dawn Shorncliffe Pier Awash Experiment Ethereal Rocks Silver Gull in flight Fingal Rocks Fingal Head Lighthouse Brisbane CBD Panorama Sunrise by the Gayundah Proof of the existence of the world at 5am... Green Valley Rough Seas at Dawn Boardwalk North Pine Dam Sunrise White-faced Heron Brisbane Dawn Even at dawn there are people climbing the bridge... North Pine Dawn Dawn at Byron Bay Lighthouse Sunrise over North Pine Dam Mt Mee Rainbow Lake Somerset Dawn A Pastel Scene Spiderweb Country Road Another view of the start of the year Glasshouse Mountains Of Pine Forests and Lumps of Rock