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Brisbane Hazy Sunset Golden Hour Brisbane Brisbane City Canna Lilly Cyron shoots with the big Canon Last pink of sunset A Wedding Party Clouds Willie Wagtail More panning practice Eastern Water Dragon Panning Practice On the move... Cyron Bush Turkey Pacific Black Duck with Ducklings Little Black Cormorant Intermediate Egret Waterfall The Taxi Driver Guess Where Brisbane Cyron Flying the image of Che Reporters and Police in attendance Student Protest Students talking to Activist Punk Attendees Students made placards on site Anti-Bush Posters Chimping F-111 Dump and Burn Riverfire Riverfire Pink Cabbage Spectacle Garden Grassy Knoll Brisbane Town Hall Foyer This way St John's Ceiling Inside St John's The High Altar Guess Where - Brisbane Blue Hour Story Bridge Rays of Pink Demonic Tree Hanging out at the take-away shop Spray of Pink The Lemon Bulimba Uniting Church Amongst the Monstrosities... Bulimba Anglican Church Suburban Bulimba Dichotomy Ham Radio New Construction Ming and the River Gotham Tower Qld Police HQ Gone BCC Building Spencer Typewriters Big W Office Block Story Bridge and City Blue Arch Guess Where - Brisbane Clouds and Silhouettes Story Bridge Brisbane CBD Panorama City Buildings Brisbane before the Dawn Brisbane at Night Guess Where - Brisbane #3 Anchored in the City City Lights Afternoon Gold Adelaide St St Stephen's Cathedral - portrait orientation St Stephen's Cathedral St Stephen's Chapel - closer St Stephen's Chapel Smoky Brisbane untitled Corner of Edward and Alice Streets Cranes and Moon Brisbane by night Brisbane City Dusky Moorhen Traffic Cone Eagle St Pier Reflected House Sparrow about to fly away Quirky Chimney The Front of St John's Cathedral Door Latch Archway at St John's Cathedral Saint John's Cathedral The Masonic Lodge St Andrew's on Creek St Poking the Sun Central Station and Ann St Brisbane Town Hall Debris on the Path Back by popular demand... Willy Wagtail Forest Kingfisher in the Mangroves Vines gone Mad Palm Spray When a tree falls in the gardens.... The Storm Passes Open Space Boundary Buff-banded Rail Mother and Chick Red Crate on Mary St Noisy Minor on a Flower Duck down by the River Not this little Black Duck! Hibiscus Striated Heron in a tree Pacific Black Duck, on a stick Unknown Bird Red Crates in an alley HDR Twilight New Faces Catching some Rays Hiding behind his camera... At the end of twilight... State Govt Building More Brisbane Lights Riverside Twilight Brisbane Twilight Sunset Grass - My Crop Sunset Grass - Alison's Crop Sunset Grass - Helen's Crop Sunset Grass Leaf City Unintentional Double Exposure New Council Chambers Raindrops on Windows... Brisbane from Kangaroo Point Brisbane at Night The Story Bridge at Night AMP Building Torresian Crow Brisbane River and Riverside Expressway Edward St City Street Lights Brisbane City Christmas Tree City Express Look at the Sunset! The classic Taronga shot Brisbane by Day Brisbane City Blue Hour Clouds over Brisbane Sunday evening in the City Watching Brisbane Brisbane Dawn Blue Arch - redux Kane at the Pancake Manor Faux-Lensbaby Brisbane on a rainy night Even at dawn there are people climbing the bridge... The Story Bridge is Pink Josh and the Story Bridge After the storm passed... Brisbane at Dusk Brisbane City on a lazy Saturday evening Story Bridge in Green Brisbane Festival - City of Lights Brisbane from Kangaroo Point (experimental) The C17a flyby The Notorious at Southbank Captain Cook Bridge Storm and Story Sydney from Darling Harbour