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Chicken Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Emereld-spotted Treefrog Black and White Coy Surprise! Sassy Evening portrait session with Kara Corn Jono in Blue Jono Harak Mas Curry The Chicks are getting bigger... Kara of the streaming hair Sweet Fruity Yorkshire Pudding Tiny frog in the grass (Litoria latopalmata) Tiny frog (Litoria latopalmata) Kara of the many coloured hair Pancakes with Blueberry Coulis Inquisitive Lebanese style Date Crescents View over Cedar Creek New Family Members Salted Chillies Fiddle Beetle Blueberry Dumplings with Custard Pale-headed Rosella Small Grasshopper Swish! Hang in there... Signal Fly Return of the Yellow Mushroom Prawn Curry Apple & Blueberry Pie Katydid Lamb Curry & Roti Bee Snail Parasite Blowfly Spanish Sausage Stew with Chickpea Flatbread Skink Meeting of two paths Varying light Fish Curry Hover fly Bitey Droplet Nectarine Fungi Tonight's Sunset Here's looking at you kid... Shiny Fly Longicorn Beetle - Cerambycidae Sp. - Hesthesis angulatus Our Snake Tiny Spider Moth Shelob Watch Reflection Our Creek Beef and Beans on Rice Backyard Creek - Diagonal Stitch Kirk Lane Bridge Jono on Blue Lemon Prawns I won ! Trepidation Abstract More Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Flowing Fast Our Backyard Creek Foggs Rd Sunset Road Experiment #2 Drive Death of a Mango Mum Dad Light Test Christmas Carpet Snake on our Driveway Carpet Snake on our Driveway Duckie Loves Christmas Creek Panorama Minolta Weathermatic A Playing with light Meandering Topknot Pigeons Swimming Hole Falls Rushing past The day after rain The overnight rain Jono by the Creek Kara Small Waterfall Kara has new Bling Damsel Fly Red-Browed Finch Peaceful Timeless Cedar Creek by Night Whirlpool Visitor Reflections in the pool Above the falls Cascades at the Swimming Hole Silky Smooth Do you think someone's watching us ? Watching the watcher Cedar Creek Cascades - #2 Are you looking at me ? Cedar Creek Cascades Wampoo Fruit Dove Lightbulb Test Whirlpool Pumpkin Pie Cedar Creek cascade What lurks within... Pink Storm Cloud Found Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 Inspiration is... Bottle with glasses (traits 1) Bottle with Glasses New Toy Sunrise from the veranda Boys toys Beef Curry Bushfire Donkey Donkey triptych The Big Tree Bye bye puppy Attempt #8 All alone Tawny Frogmouth My Forest Fallen Tree Logging at Cedar Creek Puppy with a rubber duck Pair of Puppies Tawny Frogmouth Immature Tawny Frogmouth Puppy in a Basket Half asleep Poking it's tongue Fog in the valley I can see over the wall... Hello there! Black Sheep Ale Grey Fantail perching Laughing Kookaburra Bye Bye Kookaburra IR Tree Tetratych Red-backed Fairy Wren Tawny Frogmouth Langos Yellow-faced Honeyeater Variegated Fairy Wren Yellow-Faced Honeyeater Are you looking at me? Peek-a-boo Female Scarlet Robin Striated Pardalote Angry little bird Brown Cuckoo-dove Jono Jumping Spider Treelopping Rainbow Bee-Eater with Bee Bird on a wire Noisy Miner Rainbow Bee-Eater Male and Female Red-Backled Fairy Wrens Cascade We have liftoff... Grey Fantail Today's Birding Cascading Main Falls - Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Yellow Faced Honeyeater Here's looking at you... The whirlpool spot Rushing Waters The wet sheep The Suicidal Tawny Frogmouth Almond Biscotti Lea Female Superb Fairy Wren What's in my Bag ? Pea and Ham Soup Out of Season Visitor Red Flowers Canna Lily Quicksilver Börek Beauty Dish test Beauty Dish Turkish Baked Chicken with Chickpea Rice Pilaf Pink Grass Profile of a treefrog Emerald-Spotted Treefrog Individual Egg Dampers Red Leaf, Green Grass Individual Strawberry Pudding Experiments with a balloon Prelude One in the hand... Puppy Cuddle Two asleep, up close My Guitar Four Sleepy Puppies Sleeping Puppy Star Trails The aftermath of rain Five Sleepy Puppies Puppy #1 Freshly baked Puppy Storm Clouds My 1964 Studebaker Cruiser Bushfire spread Bushfire in Cedar Creek Sunset on Cedar Creek Road A touch of Pink Running for the Plane New TimTams More Tim Tams Found Fire Fire Found fire - pano IR Experiment Dessert! Creek's Up The Cake Squidward Tentacles & Duckie Duckie's first outing Old Stables Heartless Proof of the existence of the world at 5am... Grey Huntsman Tagine for Christmas! Cascade The local swimming hole Home Garlic Tiger Prawns with Stir-fry vegetables in Oyster Sauce. Pirate Potato Heads Flowing Creek Pond Experiment In between the cracks... For Margot... Star Trails Kodak Pony 828 More Christmas Lightning Behind the trees... Lightning Strike Lightning Fluffly and coated in sugar... Dreamy Donuts Transparent Moth Testing the SpeedLite 188A Our Christmas Tree Reversed Lens Macro test Hickory Dickory Dock Angus - post-Grooming Angus - pre-Grooming Happy Happy Pizza dipstych Windmill Me, in blue Seeing Double! Windmill Two Straws Bicycle Trees at night Home made remote Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo Jono being silly New Desk! Creative Egg Real Pressure Cooker Steamer Baskets Me - triptych Focus Diptych Dead Branch Gecko Foot! King Parrot - back again Green Tree Frog King Parrot #2 King Parrot Happy Happy Pizza (widescreen edition) Happy Happy Pizza (cooked) Happy Happy Pizza (uncooked) Flying Ant King Parrot New Flickrite Welcome Swallow Blame it on the Moon Cedar Creek It's Raining! New Tripod Pale Headed Rosella Kara in the truck Canon T50 SLR Gwain escorts the Giant Apple to the faire... Baked Mango Cheesecake - cut Baked Mango Cheesecake Cedar Creek Valley Old Tin Shed Toad Hall Sign The Toad at Toad Hall Grevilleas outside Toad Hall Yellow Flower Nostalgia Attack! Calf Cow Quintych of Album Covers Amstrad PC1512 Morrison's Farm Aleks thinks he can hear a car Aleks can't sit still for a second Aleks outside on a rock Green moth Moo Cards Unpacked Moo Cards! Kara after dessert Strawberry Indulgence Slice of Cherry Clafoutis Cherry Clafoutis Forest Kingfisher Foal and Mare (for Helen) Stop Sign Keys Not Impressed Overcome Kara gives Orgasmic Pane di Chocolat Bee on a weed Why Hello! The Pony next door Study Bookshelves Loaf and Two Buns New Raynox 6600 Wide Converter Vampiress Kara Another bee Yet another bee... Came in the mail today... 26Things::Mirror Nocturnal Visitor Grass Fire at Cedar Creek Appelflappen Lightbulb Cedar Creek Cascades Waterfall Cedar Creek small waterfall Morning over Cedar Creek Tiny Frog #1 - Litoria rubella Tiny Frog #2 - Litoria rubella Tiny Frog #3 Kara on a Hill Chook My New Ute! Bee Alone they're harmless... Flickering Candle(s) Glowing leaves Baharat Meatballs and Lentil Rice Reflection of Nature Lewin's Honeyeater Fungus Flowing creek Cedar Creek Hop! Grevillea Flower Lone Tree with Moon Hot Sauces - Birthday Present Ghostly Aleks The Famous Cyclone Mel Red-Browed Finches Our first Egg Dragonfly on Granite Cockatoo Slippery Slide Cascade Reflections Cockies on a Fence Cheeky Cocky Cedar Creek Cascade Bug on Watertank Cockatoo in Flight Cedar Creek in full flow Green Tree Frog Blue tailed Wren Ute Dragon  ;) New Toy Kookaburra in flight Variegated Fairy Wren Eastern Yellow Robin Tiny rocketfrog of some sort Frog from above Brown Honeyeater Scarlet Honeyeater Couple Serenade Red-Browed Finch Brown Cuckoo Dove Rocks and Water Mountain Brushtail Possum Brown Quail Brown Quail Laughing Kookaburra Meat Pie Dragonfly The Laughing Ninja Rich Chocolate Mud Cake Female Superb Fairy-wren Kara photo5 - Wind Tunnel photo5 - Falling Umbrella Baby Welcome Swallow Black-Shouldered Kite Puffy white clouds Stormy Clouds, Golden Tree Bird on a Stick Kara Female Variegated Fairywren (crop) Beginnings of a storm Apricot Chicken Results of rain Dinner! Country Lane Waiter!  There's a Fly in my cup! The New Car Kara at the dinner table Storm Storm Panorama Jumping spider Fine form 360 degree Stormclouds Astronomical Smiley Face Fast and Muddy Log Coolest Present Ever! Buckethead Girl Above the Main Falls Fallen Rosie Peron's Tree Frog Mark II Red-Browed Finch Superb Fairy-wren Caption contest Kookaburra in flight Sigma 10--20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Magpie Lark with Spider Creek (test) Pineapple Aleks More practice required... Cedar Creek in flood Dad inspecting Mike's Driveway Cedar Creek crossing Our backyard creek Our creek - detail Female Red-backed Fairy-wren North Pine Dam Breakfast Frivolity Striated Pardalote Tawny Frogmouth Swan Lake Willie Wagtail Rainbow Bee-eater Cockatoo in Flight Sneak peek Stars in the Country Tree Star-trails Dragonfly The windmill on Cedar Creek Rd The reason I'm not at work today... Our Backyard Creek Our backyard creek Sweet Beef Curry Nocturnal Visitor Caught a few rays... Saturday Morning Breakfast Test model ;-) Birthday Cake The tongue of concentration Surrealism, an experiment Striated Pardalote What's in my Camera Bag? Tawny Grassbird ? Eastern Yellow Robin Field of View Golden-headed Cistacola Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Golden-headed Cistacola The early bird catches the ummm ant ? It's that time of year again... All the colours of the rainbow... Daytime Startrails Northern Brown Bandicoot Milky Way Black-shouldered Kite Milky Way - attempt #2 Broiled Chicken Leg on Rice Pilaf The Egg Thief Photographers hard at work A dust storm at night Kara up close Moon Star of the Show ? Kara with Red Hair Birds... lots of birds. Eastern Yellow Robin Damn meteors Mother and Baby Red red rose Beetle Carpet Python Christmas Bokeh Christmas :-) The trees are watching... Brown, but flowing fast Cedar Creek Quirky  Lil' Gangster Froggy! Emma Emma - swimsuit Water Mohawk The Billabong Cedar Creek Falls The whirlpool above the falls Kara against the wall Short-lit profile of Kara The falls up close Ninja Kara The Chair This morning's flooding Still raging Cedar Creek Panorama Creek tributary Morrison's Falls My New Car Greenfields Silly Children Pear Strüdel Female Golden Whistler New Look Time Long-exposure Sunset Watching the sunset Lunar Eclipse - peak The Partial Lunar Eclipse Star-trails from our Workshop Under the Milky Way Star-trail Workshop The 4th Bridge on Cedar Creek Rd, Cedar Creek 4520 Green Bridge, near Andy Williams Park, Cedar Creek 4520 Tonight's storm Crimson Rosella Almost a good shot... Cedar Creek A rather wet Kookaburra Some sort of wasp like insect Weird Bug My backyard creek Landslide on our property Green Bridge, Cedar Creek Rd, Flooded and Damaged 180 Degree Panorama of the Green Bridge Some of the damage to the Green Bridge, Cedar Creek. Road damage to Cedar Creek Rd Once a Commodore After the floods High Five Grey Shrike-thrush Lewin's Honeyeater singing I Spy Startrails on a moonless night Milky Way Sweet Potato Layer Pie Visitor Cedar Creek Falls in the rain. One of the young feathertail gliders 1964 Studebaker Cruiser Kara (reshoot) Upper Cedar Creek King Parrot (male) Flood Crossing at Night Tonight's Partial Eclipse. Fire and Stars Partial Solar Eclipse as seen from Cedar Creek, QLD. The Ornate Bridge over 30 hours. Cedar Creek post-floods A Day in the Life of Cedar Creek Eastern Yellow Robin Variegated Fairywren What is this ??? Crimson Rosella Forest or Sacred Kingfisher? Bitey Ant! Snail-parasite Fly Spangled Drongo with wasp Tonight's Blood Moon Fantailed Cuckoo. The reason I didn't go to work today Swamp Wallaby