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Creek (test) Pineapple Brisbane City Turbulence Drama over Noosa Heads Seaside waterfalls Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Rocks... lots of rocks Cape Byron Lighthouse 6 minutes before dawn Experiment at the Lighthouse Blue Hour Clouds over Brisbane Cedar Creek in flood Dad inspecting Mike's Driveway Cedar Creek crossing Our backyard creek Our creek - detail Tree with clouds Sunday evening in the City Sneak peek Little waves The windmill on Cedar Creek Rd Clouds over Mt Mee Watching Brisbane Our Backyard Creek Our backyard creek White-faced Heron Buderim Falls Stormy Seas, Sandbags and the Big Rush Garry at work... North Pine Dam Beach Foam Emerald Pond Experiment in Black and White Dawn at Moffet Beach Beached Tortoise Happy Queensland Day Glasshouse Mountains from Maleny Foggy Samford Valley Reflected Sunset Lightpainting on the beach Brisbane Dawn Blue Arch - redux Kane at the Pancake Manor The big gun Number 5 Gun Streaky clouds What's in my Camera Bag? Faux-Lensbaby Hornibrook Highway The Tree at Brighton Big Tree, Little Tree The Brisbane Wheel Daytime Startrails Purlingbrook Falls Milky Way View from the top of Purlingbrook Falls Riverfire 2009 - F-111 Dump-n-Burn Tonight's sunset Fashion on the floor Even at dawn there are people climbing the bridge... Damn meteors After the storm passed... ♫ Little China Girl ♪ The trees are watching... Brown, but flowing fast Cedar Creek Serenity Falls @ Buderim Sydney Icons at Sunset Sydney CBD Skyline Blue Hour Bridge The whole crew Cedar Creek Falls The whirlpool above the falls The falls up close The Chair Pylons Sunset at Canyon Lookout The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls Natural Arch The crossing This morning's flooding Still raging Cedar Creek Panorama Creek tributary Standing in the creek as the weather closed in... The only advantage to being rained on while in the field... Logan's Inlet Boat Ramp - 2007, 2008, 2010 Morrison's Falls Tenterfield Panorama Dead trees The beginnings of Autumn Autumn Colours Silly Children Sunflowers...lots of sunflowers Queen Mary Falls Queen Mary Falls from the bottom. Daggs Falls Brisbane from KP Cliffs Mt Mee Sunrise Mt Mee Rainbow Wooden Bridge Draining Rock The view from Somerset Lookout Leon crests the hill safely Mark damages his CV Joint Boot Neurum Creek Golden Tree Lake Somerset Dawn Autumn Colours at Tenterfield Mmmm grass! A Grasstree Sunshine on a stick Autumn! Draining Rock, Dead Tree Three Cedar Creek Falls Curtis Falls Time Long-exposure Sunset Watching the sunset Brisbane at Dusk Star-trails from our Workshop Under the Milky Way Star-trail Workshop Startrails Workshop - New Location Fire, past and present Riverfire 2010 - Composite The 4th Bridge on Cedar Creek Rd, Cedar Creek 4520 Harry's Hut Wivenhoe Spillway Tonight's storm Photographer at Work The historic Deepwater Trainstation Blue-bottle Cedar Creek Indian Cave Dramatic skies over Long Reef My backyard creek Green Bridge, Cedar Creek Rd, Flooded and Damaged 180 Degree Panorama of the Green Bridge Some of the damage to the Green Bridge, Cedar Creek. Brisbane before and during flooding Road damage to Cedar Creek Rd The beautiful Blue Lake at Jenolan Caves. Evan's Lookout The 2010 Summer Solstace Lunar Eclipse Once a Commodore After the floods Story Bridge in Green Number 6 Gun, Afternoon firing at History Alive Startrails over Lake Moogerah Cedar Creek Falls in the rain. The tower house at Ocean View