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Laughing Kookaburra Bye Bye Kookaburra Red-backed Fairy Wren Yellow-faced Honeyeater Variegated Fairy Wren Yellow-Faced Honeyeater Are you looking at me? Peek-a-boo Female Scarlet Robin Striated Pardalote Angry little bird Rainbow Bee-Eater Eastern Yellow Robin Scarlet Honeyeater Couple Serenade Female Superb Fairy-wren Hop! Dragonfly Brown Quail Brown Quail Red-Browed Finch Pale-headed Rosella Brown Cuckoo Dove Female Variegated Fairywren (crop) Red-Browed Finch Superb Fairy-wren Caption contest Kookaburra in flight Magpie Lark with Spider More practice required... Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Willie Wagtail Rainbow Bee-eater Egret Willie Wagtail on grass, cheeky pose. Cockatoo in Flight Mistletoebird Oxley Creek Commons Sunrise Double-barred Finch North Pine Dam Sunrise Silvereye Willie Wagtail Fan-tailed Cuckoo Osprey (with lunch) Osprey overhead Striated Heron Little Tern Male Osprey Perching Brahminy Kite immature Australasian Gannet 20090608-Redcliffe_from_the_Pier Male Forest Kingfisher Are you looking at me ? Female Brown Quails Flight Love birds Spoonbills are odd birds Australasian Pipit Watching the passing parade Silvereye with Berry Black-winged Stilt Male Mistletoebird Leaving... Black Kite Striated Pardalote Out for a light snack... Tawny Grassbird ? Eastern Yellow Robin Golden-headed Cistacola Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Black-shouldered Kite Variegated Fairy-wren (male) Golden-headed Cistacola The early bird catches the ummm ant ? Juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle Immature Red-backed Fairy-wren Peaceful Dove Brahminy Kite Takeoff Brahminy Kite Fly me to the Moon... Birds... lots of birds. White-browed Scrubwren Eastern Yellow Robin Helmeted Guineafowl Echidna Bell Miner Green Catbird Grey Teal Rainbow Bee-eater (in flight) Wonga Pigeon The only advantage to being rained on while in the field... Double-barred Finch Red-backed Fairywren Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Royal Spoonbill reflection Australian Logrunner Blue-winged Kookaburra Black-faced Woodswallow Orange-footed Scrubfowl Radjah Shelduck Crimson Rosella Almost a good shot... Paradise Riflebird Paradise Riflebird Dusky Honeyeater Eastern Grey Kangaroo Australasian Figbird Black-faced Monarch Grey Shrike-thrush Lewin's Honeyeater singing Eastern Yellow Robin Striated Heron Crested Tern Drifter Silver Gull Great Egret Brahminy Kite Azure Kingfisher Brown Gerygone Eastern Spinbill (singing) Bassian Thrush Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Red-capped Robin Eastern Yellow Robin Variegated Fairywren Variegated Fairywren Rufous Fantail Eastern Spinebill Eastern Spinebill (Juvenile) Eastern Yellow Robin Golden Whistler Spangled Drongo with wasp A Bell Miner (bellbird) Australasian Grebe Eastern Yellow Robin Eastern Whipbird Golden-headed Cistacola Australian Logrunner