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Chicken The Chicks are getting bigger... Echo of a Seagull Female Cassowary Topknot Pigeons Just a Seagull Visitor Wampoo Fruit Dove Hiding under Mum Willie Wagtail Pacific Black Duck with Ducklings Little Black Cormorant Intermediate Egret Tawny Frogmouth Intermediate Egret Tawny Frogmouth Immature Tawny Frogmouth Australian Magpie Immature Butcher Bird Grey Fantail perching Laughing Kookaburra Bye Bye Kookaburra Straw-Necked Ibis Red-backed Fairy Wren Tawny Frogmouth Olive-backed Sunbird Yellow-faced Honeyeater Blue-winged Kookaburra Variegated Fairy Wren Eastern Reef Heron (dark morph) Catch of the Day Brown Honeyeater Yellow-Faced Honeyeater Welcome Swallows Are you looking at me? Peek-a-boo Female Scarlet Robin Striated Pardalote Angry little bird Brown Cuckoo-dove Immature Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow Bee-Eater with Bee Bird on a wire Noisy Miner Rainbow Bee-Eater Male and Female Red-Backled Fairy Wrens We have liftoff... Grey Fantail Today's Birding Yellow Faced Honeyeater The Suicidal Tawny Frogmouth Female Superb Fairy Wren Nankeen Kestrel Little Penguin Seagull Intermediate Egret Wooden Parrot Bush Stone Curlew in the Gardens And off he goes... White Faced Heron Snap Snap! Mother shows off Pacific Black Duck Ibis above Lorikeets Baby Birds! Duck on a Rock Splash! Does this side look better ? Encore! Duck #1 Ducks in Flight (crop) Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo Gotcha Dusky Moorhen Pacific Black Duck, stretching It wasn't me! King Parrot - back again King Parrot #2 King Parrot House Sparrow about to fly away Willy Wagtail King Parrot Hardhead Duck ? Grebe ? Mother and Chick Noisy Minor on a Flower Not this little Black Duck! Striated Heron having a scratch Striated Heron in a tree Pacific Black Duck, on a stick Unknown Bird Bush Stone Curlew - Head Crop Cattle Egret in Flight Bush Stone Curlew Family Baby Bush Stone Curlew Hatched! Australian White Ibis Striated Heron Striated Heron Pale Headed Rosella Yet another Kookaburra photo... Laughing Kookaburra Two Kookaburras sitting on a branch... Two Kookaburras Noisy Minor Blue Wren Egret #2 Inquisitive Currawong Catching some Rays Nesting Curlew Curlew - Near the Nest Curlew - Guarding the nest Noisy Minor Darter on a branch Darter drying himself Australian Magpie Great Egret Lewin's Honeyeater Blue tailed Wren Duck on the Pavement Kookaburra in flight Variegated Fairy Wren Eastern Yellow Robin Australian Magpie Brown Honeyeater Scarlet Honeyeater Couple Serenade Female Superb Fairy-wren Red-Browed Finches Australian Bustard Hop! Touch and Go Brown Thornbill ? Are you looking at me ? Welcome Swallow Dragonfly Laughing Kookaburra Brown Quail Brown Quail Red-Browed Finch Pale-headed Rosella Brown Cuckoo Dove Red-Browed Finch Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Female Red-Backed Fairy wren Female Satin Bowerbird Red Wattlebird Long-Billed Corella Baby Welcome Swallow Pied Currawong Good Morning! Black-Shouldered Kite Bird on a Stick Female Variegated Fairywren (crop) Azure Kingfisher King of the Hill Superb Fairy-wren Brolga Red-Browed Finch Superb Fairy-wren Magpie Lark with Spider Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Tawny Frogmouth Swan Lake Willie Wagtail Egret Willie Wagtail on grass, cheeky pose. Cockatoo in Flight Mistletoebird Oxley Creek Commons Sunrise Double-barred Finch Silvereye Osprey (with lunch) Osprey overhead Striated Heron Little Tern Male Osprey Perching Brahminy Kite immature Australasian Gannet 20090608-Redcliffe_from_the_Pier Male Forest Kingfisher Are you looking at me ? Female Brown Quails Flight Love birds Spoonbills are odd birds Australasian Pipit Watching the passing parade Silvereye with Berry Black-winged Stilt Male Mistletoebird Leaving... Brown Falcon (immature) Olive-backed Sunbird I want to fly like an Eagle... Magpie Geese Blue-faced Honeyeater Blue-winged Kookaburra Black Kite Striated Pardalote Sacred Kingfisher Tawny Grassbird ? Eastern Yellow Robin Field of View Golden-headed Cistacola Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Black-Shouldered Kite Landing sequence Black-shouldered Kite Variegated Fairy-wren (male) Golden-headed Cistacola The early bird catches the ummm ant ? Juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle Immature Red-backed Fairy-wren Peaceful Dove Brahminy Kite Takeoff Brahminy Kite Fly me to the Moon... Black-shouldered Kite North Pine Dawn Birds... lots of birds. White-browed Scrubwren Eastern Yellow Robin Helmeted Guineafowl Brooding Tawny Frogmouth Green Catbird Grey Teal Keeping your... ummm, Geese in a Row Cattle Egret (breeding flush) Rainbow Bee-eater (in flight) On Approach White-headed Pigeon Masked Lapwing Squark! Juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle King Parrot Wonga Pigeon White-browed Scrubwren Rough-scaled Snake Pelican The only advantage to being rained on while in the field... Double-barred Finch Red-backed Fairywren Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Royal Spoonbill reflection Female Golden Whistler Drive-by Shooting Australian Logrunner Pacific Baza Blue-winged Kookaburra Black-faced Woodswallow Black Kite Orange-footed Scrubfowl Comb-crested Jacana Radjah Shelduck Yellow-throated Scrubwren Crimson Rosella Almost a good shot... Paradise Riflebird Paradise Riflebird Dusky Honeyeater Australasian Figbird Female Superb Lyrebird Black-faced Monarch Grey Shrike-thrush Lewin's Honeyeater singing Eastern Yellow Robin Galah Striated Heron Crested Tern Drifter Silver Gull Great Egret Brahminy Kite Azure Kingfisher Brown Gerygone Masked Owl Nankeen Kestrel Australian Raven Eastern Spinbill (singing) Bassian Thrush King Parrot (male) Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Red-capped Robin Bush Stone-Curlew Variegated Fairywren Emus on the run Variegated Fairywren Eastern Spinebill Eastern Spinebill (Juvenile) Forest or Sacred Kingfisher? Eastern Yellow Robin Golden Whistler Spangled Drongo with wasp Kookaburra! Australian Raven Female Satin Bowerbird Suspicious Curlew is Suspicious Fantailed Cuckoo. A Bell Miner (bellbird) Australasian Grebe Eastern Yellow Robin Singing Southern Emu Wren Bellbirds Interrupted Tawney-crowned Honeyeater Red-backed Fairywrens singing Southern Emu Wren Sneaking through the grass Masked Lapwing (Spur-winged Plover) The most content duckling on the planet Hello Cocky! Eastern Whipbird Golden-headed Cistacola Masked Lapwing parents Masked Lapwing chick Australian Logrunner Galah One very smooth Bush Stone-Curlew