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Awash Echo of a Seagull Cape Hillsborough 360 degree beach Rocks in the surf Volcanic Pacman Rocks amidst the mist Shell by the sea Kirra Beach Mackay and Islands from Slade Pt Greenhill Beach Creek Seedpod on the beach Crab up close Kara in the Surf Shell fused to a rock Shell on the beach Wow!  We're driving down the beach! New life on the beach Rock inlet Watching the Surfers Kite record attempt Little waves Stormy Seas, Sandbags and the Big Rush Garry at work... Beach Foam Reflected Sunset Lightpainting on the beach The 2010 Summer Solstace Lunar Eclipse Striated Heron Crested Tern Drifter Silver Gull Great Egret Brahminy Kite Alexander Bay, Noosa Jellyfish! Pool of Tranquility Rush Potential