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Christmas Carpet Snake on our Driveway Bye bye puppy Office Block Story Bridge and City Logan's Inlet Cracked Earth Boat Ramp Stereoscopic Wivenhoe Dam Wivenhoe Dam - Panorama Fallen Tree World's Ugliest Church Shooting ??? Indooroopily Hotel Typical Large Indooroopily House Under the Bridge Fog in the valley Albert St Church The Alcatraz Lighthouse The Grassy Knoll Alcatraz Canberra from Black Mountain Blacksmith's Cottage Old House at Hanging Tree Wines Jenny the Steam Traction Engine Kara looking bored in the Mall Controversial The Brisbane Town Hall Dome My Guitar Man in the Mall Four Sleepy Puppies Tourists Kara and Jono at Rockford Winery The Barrel Room Kara Rundle St, Adelaide Heidi Avarice Pointy Pedro Lennox Bridge Kirra Beach Vineyards The Three Sisters Jono and Kara at the Airport Little Penguin the Gang Pedro, Rachel and Steve Nikhi @ Ft Lytton Greg Asterope Guess Where - Brisbane #6 Sleeping Puppy Star Trails The aftermath of rain Black and Blue Five Sleepy Puppies Puppy #1 Brisbane at Dusk - Panorama Freshly baked Puppy Seagull Brisbane at Night Waterfront Place Reflection Duckie in Peril! Intermediate Egret Storm Clouds Tribute Guess Where - Brisbane #3 The full skeleton Big Sky Industrial Fossil Anchored in the City Bucket on a Stick Wooden Parrot Bush Stone Curlew in the Gardens Holden Blimp And off he goes... White Faced Heron Rick Rosie The Sheepdogs A Shot in the Dark... Blue Look Up! Dots That Bridge again... Grandpa's 1961 Studebaker Lark VIII Pink Clouds and Ibis Light and Shadow There's a baby somewhere with a cold footsie... A Wild Fork Forkin' Mouse Summer Berry Clafoutis Kara & Jono Hitching a ride... Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 Test #2 Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 Test #1 Plaster Ceiling Decoration A Smellie Product Stained Glass Old Government House Heart of Stone A study in Pork Pies Bushfire My 1964 Studebaker Cruiser Bushfire spread Bushfire in Cedar Creek Transtar Headlight Avanti Shake a tail feather... The Raffle Car Oldest car there... Zombies like Mormons Burning Log Smoke Attack! On the lookout... Zombie Wiggles Zombie Gathering Brains Aleks' Spelling Hidden Kara, Sneaky Trolley Vintage Camera Triptych Couldn't give a fig... Off the Rails... Smiley Steam train Guess Where ? Telephone Funky Perspective Kara (crop) Vying for attention ? To catch a lizard by the tail... Monitor Escher Dragons Snake Kara at Nikhi's place Nikhi Three Crates Victoria Bridge Shadow Arches Albert St Uniting Church from above Duckie in Town Hall The Lift Driver Old Man (crop) Old man on a bench Snake on a 5D Solhouette (crop) At the end of the night... Sleeping it off Ball Silhouettes Get a Guinness in us Me at the Pig & Whistle City Lights Griffith Graduate Centre Archway City at Dusk Speed Couple Photographers shooting photographers... Afternoon Gold Big Orange Crane Duckie mounted on a big lens Duckie and Friend at the Pub Tough Guy Coralie (ferrous) at the Regatta Blue Bins, Red Crate Shadows A touch of Pink Adelaide St St Stephen's Cathedral - portrait orientation St Stephen's Cathedral St Stephen's Chapel - closer St Stephen's Chapel Smoky Brisbane Lines, lines and more lines In need of repair... Spotted! Aleks finds a use for the empty chip container Jono Chips... and Helen Greg resuscitates Duckie Not Swimming, Drowning Paul through Beer Goggles Leffe Brune and Kara I'm not a Terrorist, I'm a Photographer Steam Traction Engine Martin & Heidi found in the parade... Racing Ute Vintage Cars Leprechauns! St Patrick's Day Parade Colourful Dresses That way Men! Greg shoots it Large Naldham House untitled Running for the Plane Corner of Edward and Alice Streets Good on you Mum! Cranes and Moon Wild Koala New TimTams More Tim Tams A duck's eye view... Duck on the path The artist and her art Albert Jane slurping something... Pedro Kate Charlie (red bow sepia version) Charlie (red bow version) Camera Lessons Coralie (by request) Zoom Experiment The Infamous Cupcake Ana came back with a tattoo... It's not everyday you get to shoot an elephant... Coralie Heidi Rae Jane Snap Snap! Chimping... Hammerhead shark head-dress Pretending to be a journalist... Bang bang! It's all about the destiny... Ana surprising herself with her artistic abilities! Rae produces a work of art Not the Japanese Flag Two headed Dolls Obligatory eating shot... Duckie and Louise Louise enamoured with Albert's Lens Found Fire Fire Found fire - pano Great Great Grandpa Morrison's Car Bamboo Boilers on Barge Barge and ferries Timing's out... Front Spring Seat back Abandoned and Alone Water Lily - Lotus Flower Waterfall in the Gardens Eel Turtle Mother shows off Pacific Black Duck Lily Pads Ibis above Story Bridge - again Brisbane by night The fountain in the Mall Rachel's Dinner Lachlan Chinese Lion Smile! Chinatown manhole cover Random Guy Kara Father and Son Fascination Lions on the move The Lion Dance begins Brother E Boy Believe Chris with camera Duckie checking out a Valley Tart Girl Eaten by Lion Meow! IR Experiment Creek's Up Citytrain at Bowen Hills Closeup filter test Smarty....tongue? Rachel shooting Pedro Customs House Story Bridge Red Crates Cyron Kara XXXX Duckie Avarice & Pedro Heidi A gaggle of flickrites The Cake Squidward Tentacles & Duckie Duck The perfect place... Twisted #2 Twisted #1 Duckie's first outing Old Stables St Andrews, Murwillumbah Bridge, but not natural Fungi Where the water comes from... Inside the Cave Mountains in the clouds Strangler Fig Brushtail Possum Kangaroo Point Cliffs Australia Day Fireworks Australia Day Fireworks Australia Day Fireworks Australia Day Fireworks Australia Day Fireworks Fire Bell Cloudscape Ex-Army Motorcycle Stone Mason at work Apple Corer and Peeler Singer Part of a railway line changer Folded Flag on Fence Gil Adrian Peddle powered grinding wheel Wooden Cow Jaguar Humber Spider Lily Do you really need an excuse ? Comet McNaught in B&W Brisbane City Comet Mc Naught Comet McNaught (2006/P1) Sunset over Wivenhoe Unplugged Submerged Odd Flower Mangrove Wave Storm Clouds Cascade The local swimming hole Stained Glass Hanging On Following the Leader... Lichen these textures... Grass Tree Blooming Ginger Home Upside-down Miss Jane! Water Dragon Flower Support Rocky Path B Positive Shell Ginger Blossums Dilapidated TWtME Blacksmith's Cottage Pirate Potato Heads Flowing Creek Pond Experiment Apple Pie Aleks and Lea trek up the mountain Pooles Rock Wines Barrels Vinyards Seen better days... St Patrick's Sunset Rays Lorikeets Old Queensland Museum For Margot... Star Trails Puppy at the supermarket Kodak Pony 828 Leaving on a Jet Plane Aleks shooting the camera Aleks, stuck... Reflected Aleks & Lea Red Crate at Brisbane Airport Brisbane Domestic Airport But... Aleks Jono at the Airport Kara Kara at the Airport The plane! with bonus dinosaurs A tunnel for four year olds... More Christmas Lightning Behind the trees... Lightning Strike Lightning Fluffly and coated in sugar... Dreamy Donuts FSU Rep. checking on the Demonstration Row of disgruntled employees Demonstrating for thier jobs Westpac Demonstators #2 Westpac Demonstators Old and Tattered Angles, Arches and Colours Pulpit St John's Cathedral Guess Where - Brisbane #2 Night Driving Come into the Mangroves... Three Candles Kamikaze the Parrot Mangroves (before processing) Stairs (before the rescue job) Stairs of a Bygone Era Steel Hands Green Hall Cricket Ball Albert St Uniting Church King George and the Clocktower Time Framed Art in the Park Building at Ft Lytton Observation Slit triptych Our Christmas Tree Lights on a tree trunk Now that's a lot of lights! Lights #1 Hickory Dickory Dock Angus - post-Grooming Angus - pre-Grooming City Tabernacle Windmill Sweets Down on it's luck Windmill Flower Hand Creative Egg Foot! It wasn't me! Salt and Pepper Andrew Rae asterope* King Parrot #2 King Parrot Saint John's Cathedral Poking the Sun Blame it on the Moon Hatched! Canon T50 SLR Holden Blimp Old Tin Shed Grandpa Rose and Aleks Holden Blimp Holden Blimp over Brisbane Guess Where? - Brisbane #5 Blue Wren Eye Spy with Harvest Moon Orgasmic Pane di Chocolat HDR Twilight New Faces Catching some Rays Hiding behind his camera... At the end of twilight... State Govt Building More Brisbane Lights Riverside Twilight Brisbane Twilight Sunset Grass Leaf City Guess Where? - Brisbane #4 Vampiress Kara Curlew - Near the Nest Paul Gilmore-Walsh Cavalry, Nurse and Womens Army Corps Army Band Corps Cavalry Soldier Doug Formby - President of the Qld RSL Diptych Crosses View from Damongah Lookout, Mt Mee Wussed out Kara in Profile Edward St Red Aleks finds a cache Rusty Powerbox Hot Sauces - Birthday Present The Famous Cyclone Mel Landing Knights Fighting 1958 Golden Hawk Australian Magpie Bird on a Stick Seam Results of rain Fast and Muddy Brisbane City Christmas Tree City Express Heidi Multi-Me Martin Spotty! On Guard Bright Eyes Green Valley Some sort of Native Rat Rough Seas at Dawn Parramatta Lake Last sunset of 2008 Storm over Sydney Above the Main Falls Azure Kingfisher Red Panda Gi'z a Kiss Boardwalk King of the Hill Pug! Profile of a Meerkat Siding My what a big tongue you have... Frilled-neck Lizard Splash Seals have heart shaped noses The classic Taronga shot Something green from South America Pink Eucalypt Flowers The Lurker Superb Fairy-wren Brolga Clear Mountain View Name this froglet... Treehugger Just some grass Rosie Narrabeen Water Lily looking for a title Peron's Tree Frog Lamp VII Emergency Rescue at Mt Glorious Rd Spring Bluff Dance Hall The rather quaint Spring Bluff Railway Station Peeling Lizard Mark II Red-Browed Finch Superb Fairy-wren Brisbane by Day Baby Water Dragon Caption contest Kookaburra in flight Pip Borrman R.I.P. Number 94 Lace Monitor Sigma 10--20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Magpie Lark with Spider Creek (test) Pineapple Brisbane City Aleks Turbulence Drama over Noosa Heads Seaside waterfalls Watching the Surfers Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Rocks... lots of rocks Alliance Airlines Crested Pigeon Cape Byron Lighthouse 6 minutes before dawn Experiment at the Lighthouse At Peace Trevor Mel Kane Ebony Sashaan Ashley Blue Hour Clouds over Brisbane Wet Currawong Fungi More practice required... Dad inspecting Mike's Driveway Cedar Creek crossing Our backyard creek Our creek - detail Female Red-backed Fairy-wren North Pine Dam Breakfast Frivolity Tree with clouds Striated Pardalote Sunday evening in the City Tawny Frogmouth Swan Lake Pink clouds and a Rainbow Willie Wagtail Rainbow Bee-eater Egret Cynthia Willie Wagtail on grass, cheeky pose. Nicole Cockatoo in Flight Matt Geisha Girl Mistletoebird Oxley Creek Commons Sunrise Double-barred Finch North Pine Dam Sunrise P51D Mustang Silvereye Little waves Willie Wagtail Stars in the Country Tree Star-trails Dragonfly The windmill on Cedar Creek Rd Late afternoon surf Clouds over Mt Mee Watching Brisbane The reason I'm not at work today... Our backyard creek Sweet Beef Curry Fan-tailed Cuckoo White-faced Heron Buderim Falls Stormy Seas, Sandbags and the Big Rush Garry at work... North Pine Dam Beach Foam Emerald Pond Experiment in Black and White Nocturnal Visitor Osprey (with lunch) Dawn at Moffet Beach Osprey overhead Striated Heron Little Tern Beached Tortoise Male Osprey Perching Brahminy Kite Happy Queensland Day immature Australasian Gannet Glasshouse Mountains from Maleny 20090608-Redcliffe_from_the_Pier Male Forest Kingfisher Just a tree at sunset Are you looking at me ? Female Brown Quails The path less trodden Flight Caught a few rays... Love birds Spoonbills are odd birds Australasian Pipit Watching the passing parade Grass Foggy Samford Valley Silvereye with Berry Saturday Morning Breakfast Test model ;-) Black-winged Stilt Male Mistletoebird Leaving... Brown Falcon (immature) Wild Platypus! Reflected Sunset Olive-backed Sunbird I want to fly like an Eagle... Lightpainting on the beach Birthday Cake Magpie Geese Brisbane Dawn Blue Arch - redux Kane at the Pancake Manor Cannon Firing Blue-faced Honeyeater Blue-winged Kookaburra Black Kite The tongue of concentration Surrealism, an experiment The big gun Number 5 Gun Colonial Scots Encampment Sir Brian Sunset from Ft Lytton Striated Pardalote Streaky clouds Sacred Kingfisher With flowers in her hair... Mount Funnel Sunset What's in my Camera Bag? Out for a light snack... Tawny Grassbird ? Eastern Yellow Robin A path untrodden Field of View Golden-headed Cistacola Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Black-shouldered Kite Variegated Fairy-wren (male) Golden-headed Cistacola The early bird catches the ummm ant ? It's that time of year again... Allan Juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle Immature Red-backed Fairy-wren Faux-Lensbaby Peaceful Dove All the colours of the rainbow... Me and My Shadow Kara in the Tunnel Teegan at Fort Lytton Kara in the Generator Room Brahminy Kite Hornibrook Highway The Tree at Brighton Big Tree, Little Tree The Brisbane Wheel Teegan & Jess Daytime Startrails Northern Brown Bandicoot Fly me to the Moon... Brisbane on a rainy night Purlingbrook Falls Lichen grows on any side of the post it feels like... Green green fields... Milky Way View from the top of Purlingbrook Falls Black-shouldered Kite Mum, Dad and the Kid Riverfire 2009 - F-111 Dump-n-Burn Matt Milky Way - attempt #2 Tonight's sunset Tim & Sarah Tim, Sarah and the Phonebooth The obligatory Dust Storm photo The Roulettes Sarah Broiled Chicken Leg on Rice Pilaf Fashion on the floor Even at dawn there are people climbing the bridge... North Pine Dawn The Egg Thief Photographers hard at work A dust storm at night Kara up close Moon Star of the Show ? Kara with Red Hair The Story Bridge is Pink Birds... lots of birds. Dawn at Byron Bay Lighthouse Satin Flycatcher Sunrise over North Pine Dam White-browed Scrubwren Eastern Yellow Robin Damn meteors Mother and Baby Red red rose Nick, the Friendly Zombie Echidna Bell Miner Josh and the Story Bridge After the storm passed... Kym and the Cactus Sian Sunset Layers Jess and her reflection Grey Teal Kym Keeping your... ummm, Geese in a Row Cattle Egret (breeding flush) Stormcloud snapshot Rainbow Bee-eater (in flight) ♫ Little China Girl ♪ On Approach Bella Here comes the dragon! Jess Coralee Beetle Carpet Python Christmas Bokeh Christmas :-) The trees are watching... Brown, but flowing fast Cedar Creek Quirky  Lil' Gangster Sydney Icons at Sunset The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls Blue-bottle Brisbane before and during flooding Crested Tern Gladiator! King Parrot (male) The tower house at Ocean View Lake Somerset Storms Reedy Creek Storm Panorama Flood Crossing at Night The Deepwater Railway Station Bottle Tree Hill Tenterfield Standing Stone Wild and Wooly Weather Fencing the Gap Blue and Gold Triptych of Rocks Panorama at Sunset The old railway bridge near Tenterfield, NSW. Brisbane from Kangaroo Point (experimental) Reaching Out Red rocks in the sunset Sunflower! A foggy morning in Yamanto. An Experiment in Abstraction The Captain Cook Bridge Australian Light Horse - Charge of Semakh - 1917. 64lb Cannon Night Firing at Fort Lytton Fire and Stars Spencer Creek in the Snowy Mountains Cedar Creek post-floods The famous Roman Baths at Bath Rimlit Moss The White Tower Autumn in the New England Tablelands Shaggy Calf Emu Gully Air and Land Spectacular is on this Weekend! Napalm Drop War Photographer 37mm Anti-tank gun QPA firing at Emu Gully on Sunday Number 5 Gun Tonight's Supermoon The Church in Bakewell Bush Stone-Curlew Eastern Yellow Robin Sunset over Mt Coot-tha City of Lights display Variegated Fairywren The path of the Kookaburra Queen Eastern Spinebill Eastern Spinebill (Juvenile) Crimson Rosella Forest or Sacred Kingfisher? Eastern Yellow Robin Bitey Ant! Golden Whistler Snail-parasite Fly Late afternoon Brisbane Spangled Drongo with wasp Surprise Sunset over Brisbane Kookaburra! Autumn Poplars Hidden Falls Female Satin Bowerbird Tonight's Blood Moon Number 6 Gun 6lb Cannon Scottish Highlands Fantailed Cuckoo. Native Stingless Bee Monkey-face Spider Today's storm from Mt Coot-tha A Bell Miner (bellbird) Australasian Grebe Eastern Yellow Robin Bellbirds Interrupted Southern Emu Wren Sneaking through the grass Masked Lapwing (Spur-winged Plover) The most content duckling on the planet Along the forest path The Notorious at Southbank Bombardier Bob and the 64lb Cannon Time-warp Corridor of Oaks Tenterfield Captain Cook Bridge Storm and Story Pied Currawong Caloundra Music Festival 2014 Fire and Motion Noisy Miner Masked Lapwing chick