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Mark II Red-Browed Finch Superb Fairy-wren Brisbane by Day Baby Water Dragon Caption contest Kookaburra in flight Goanna at Mt Mee Number 94 Lace Monitor Sigma 10--20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Magpie Lark with Spider Creek (test) Pineapple Brisbane City Aleks Turbulence Drama over Noosa Heads Seaside waterfalls Watching the Surfers Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Rocks... lots of rocks Alliance Airlines Crested Pigeon Cape Byron Lighthouse 6 minutes before dawn Experiment at the Lighthouse At Peace Trevor Mel Kane Ebony Sashaan Ashley Blue Hour Clouds over Brisbane Wet Currawong Fungi More practice required... Dad inspecting Mike's Driveway Cedar Creek crossing Our backyard creek Our creek - detail Female Red-backed Fairy-wren North Pine Dam Breakfast Frivolity Tree with clouds Striated Pardalote Sunday evening in the City Tawny Frogmouth Swan Lake Pink clouds and a Rainbow Willie Wagtail Rainbow Bee-eater Egret Cynthia Willie Wagtail on grass, cheeky pose. Nicole Cockatoo in Flight Matt Geisha Girl Mistletoebird Oxley Creek Commons Sunrise Double-barred Finch North Pine Dam Sunrise Sneak peek P51D Mustang Silvereye Little waves Willie Wagtail Stars in the Country Tree Star-trails Dragonfly The windmill on Cedar Creek Rd Late afternoon surf Clouds over Mt Mee Watching Brisbane The reason I'm not at work today... Our Backyard Creek Our backyard creek Sweet Beef Curry Fan-tailed Cuckoo White-faced Heron Buderim Falls Stormy Seas, Sandbags and the Big Rush Garry at work... North Pine Dam Beach Foam Emerald Pond Experiment in Black and White Nocturnal Visitor Osprey (with lunch) Dawn at Moffet Beach Osprey overhead Striated Heron Little Tern Beached Tortoise Male Osprey Perching Brahminy Kite Happy Queensland Day immature Australasian Gannet Glasshouse Mountains from Maleny 20090608-Redcliffe_from_the_Pier Male Forest Kingfisher Just a tree at sunset Are you looking at me ? Female Brown Quails The path less trodden Flight Caught a few rays... Love birds Spoonbills are odd birds Australasian Pipit Watching the passing parade Grass Foggy Samford Valley Silvereye with Berry Saturday Morning Breakfast Test model ;-) Black-winged Stilt Male Mistletoebird Leaving... Brown Falcon (immature) Wild Platypus! Reflected Sunset Olive-backed Sunbird Platypus in the wild - short video I want to fly like an Eagle... Lightpainting on the beach Birthday Cake Magpie Geese Brisbane Dawn Blue Arch - redux Kane at the Pancake Manor Cannon Firing Blue-faced Honeyeater Blue-winged Kookaburra Black Kite The tongue of concentration Surrealism, an experiment The big gun Number 5 Gun Colonial Scots Encampment Sir Brian Sunset from Ft Lytton Striated Pardalote Streaky clouds Sacred Kingfisher With flowers in her hair... Mount Funnel Sunset What's in my Camera Bag? Tawny Grassbird ? A path untrodden Field of View Golden-headed Cistacola Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Black-Shouldered Kite Landing sequence Black-shouldered Kite Variegated Fairy-wren (male) It's that time of year again... Allan Juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle Faux-Lensbaby Peaceful Dove All the colours of the rainbow... Me and My Shadow Kara in the Tunnel Teegan at Fort Lytton Kara in the Generator Room Brahminy Kite Takeoff Brahminy Kite Hornibrook Highway The Tree at Brighton Big Tree, Little Tree The Brisbane Wheel Teegan & Jess Daytime Startrails Northern Brown Bandicoot Fly me to the Moon... Brisbane on a rainy night Purlingbrook Falls Lichen grows on any side of the post it feels like... Green green fields... Milky Way View from the top of Purlingbrook Falls Black-shouldered Kite Mum, Dad and the Kid Riverfire 2009 - F-111 Dump-n-Burn Matt Milky Way - attempt #2 Riverfire 2009 - Sampler Tonight's sunset Tim & Sarah Tim, Sarah and the Phonebooth Sarah Broiled Chicken Leg on Rice Pilaf Fashion on the floor Even at dawn there are people climbing the bridge... North Pine Dawn The Egg Thief Photographers hard at work A dust storm at night Kara up close Star of the Show ? Kara with Red Hair The Story Bridge is Pink Birds... lots of birds. Dawn at Byron Bay Lighthouse Satin Flycatcher White-browed Scrubwren Eastern Yellow Robin Helmeted Guineafowl Damn meteors Mother and Baby Red red rose Nick, the Friendly Zombie Brooding Tawny Frogmouth Echidna Bell Miner Green Catbird Josh and the Story Bridge After the storm passed... Kym and the Cactus Sian Sunset Layers Jess and her reflection Grey Teal Kym Keeping your... ummm, Geese in a Row Cattle Egret (breeding flush) Stormcloud snapshot Rainbow Bee-eater (in flight) ♫ Little China Girl ♪ On Approach Bella Jess Coralee Beetle Carpet Python Christmas Bokeh Christmas :-) The trees are watching... Brown, but flowing fast Cedar Creek Quirky  Lil' Gangster Froggy! Serenity Falls @ Buderim White-headed Pigeon Sydney Icons at Sunset Sydney CBD Skyline Blue Hour Bridge Gnarled Summer Masked Lapwing Dusk Opera House Emma Emma - swimsuit Water Mohawk Squark! Juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle The Billabong Sharna The whole crew Riki King Parrot Happy Australia Day! Wonga Pigeon Where not to park your 737 White-browed Scrubwren Rough-scaled Snake Gulfstream Aerospace C-37A Gulfstream V (G-V) Cedar Creek Falls The whirlpool above the falls Kara against the wall Short-lit profile of Kara The falls up close Ninja Kara From the cutting room floor... Pelican The Chair Pylons Sunset at Canyon Lookout Natural Bridge The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls The top of Purlingbrook Falls Purlingbrook Falls - Vertorama A path to oblivion Mel's Hut Natural Arch The crossing Clem7 Tunnel Open Day Under Brunswick St Fence-post This morning's flooding Still raging Just a cloudscape Cedar Creek Panorama Creek tributary Standing in the creek as the weather closed in... The only advantage to being rained on while in the field... Wivenhoe Dam - 1999 - 2007 - 2010 Double-barred Finch Logan's Inlet Boat Ramp - 2007, 2008, 2010 Morrison's Falls Red-backed Fairywren Chestnut-breasted Mannikin Pink seedheads in the sunlight Royal Spoonbill reflection My New Car Greenfields F/18 Super-hornets Tenterfield Panorama Dead trees The beginnings of Autumn Autumn Colours Silly Children Sunflowers...lots of sunflowers Queen Mary Falls Queen Mary Falls from the bottom. Daggs Falls Brisbane from KP Cliffs Mt Mee Sunrise Mt Mee Rainbow Wooden Bridge Draining Rock The view from Somerset Lookout Leon crests the hill safely Mark damages his CV Joint Boot Neurum Creek Pear StrĂ¼del Golden Tree Lake Somerset Dawn A Pastel Scene Spiderweb Country Road Female Golden Whistler Autumn Colours at Tenterfield Mmmm grass! A Grasstree Sunshine on a stick Country Girl Autumn! Draining Rock, Dead Tree Three Australian Lighthorse Regiment Soldier Tank go BOOOM Fire! I love the smell of napalm in the morning... Phil in the tunnel Cedar Creek Falls Curtis Falls New Look Explosion Time Long-exposure Sunset Watching the sunset Charge of the Lighthorse French Infantry The 19th Alabama Regiment Portrait of a Knight Number 5 Gun The French take the Hill Napoleonic Military Portrait Trees and Cows Lunar Eclipse - peak The Partial Lunar Eclipse Brisbane at Dusk Star-trails from our Workshop Muscle Belinda and her horse Gecko Lady Talisien on Fenris Allyce and the F6 Typhoon Eastern Whipbird Australian Logrunner Red-necked Pademelon Pacific Baza Under the Milky Way Star-trail Workshop Courtney Eslite d'Corps - Birds of Prey and Falconry Demonstration - Masked Owl and that's no bull Baby inside Startrails Workshop - New Location Fire, past and present At the end of the day... This won't hurt a bit... Riverfire 2010 - Composite Blue-winged Kookaburra Black-faced Woodswallow Black Kite Orange-footed Scrubfowl A Gaggle of Magpie Geese The 4th Bridge on Cedar Creek Rd, Cedar Creek 4520 Harry's Hut At the wheel on Rainbow Beach Wivenhoe Spillway Koala, watching the passing parade Comb-crested Jacana Strollin' on the dock of the Bay Tonight's storm Storm brewing Photographer at Work Agile Wallaby Kara Radjah Shelduck Yellow-throated Scrubwren The historic Deepwater Trainstation Blue-bottle Cedar Creek Weird Bug Australasian Figbird Stormclouds from Quirrindi Dramatic skies over Long Reef Another view of the start of the year My backyard creek Landslide on our property Brisbane riverfront in flood Evan's Lookout The 2010 Summer Solstace Lunar Eclipse Once a Commodore After the floods Story Bridge in Green Old fence The view from Cunningham's Gap A little Tank at History Alive, 2010 Glasshouse Mountains Of Pine Forests and Lumps of Rock A slice of Brisbane Pear, Almond and White Chocolate Tart (aka Breakfast) St Mary's in Warwick Grasstree at Sunset Sydney Opera House Quadtych Canadian Car & Foundry Harvard Mk IV. Stars over Emu Gully Lighthorse at Sunset Boom! Charging horses, explosions, men in trenches... Startrails on a moonless night A flash in the pan Startrails over Lake Moogerah The Fairyland at the bottom of the Garden Sweet Potato Layer Pie Cedar Creek Falls in the rain. The Milky Way Brisbane Festival - City of Lights Sunset at Rocky Creek Dam The tower house at Ocean View 6lb Cannon