Tag: 1D Mk IV

Crimson Rosella Almost a good shot... Paradise Riflebird Paradise Riflebird Dusky Honeyeater Eastern Grey Kangaroo A rather wet Kookaburra Some sort of wasp like insect Flight of the Eclipse The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar Indian Cave Green Bridge, Cedar Creek Rd, Flooded and Damaged 180 Degree Panorama of the Green Bridge Some of the damage to the Green Bridge, Cedar Creek. Road damage to Cedar Creek Rd The beautiful Blue Lake at Jenolan Caves. Female Superb Lyrebird The 2010 Summer Solstace Lunar Eclipse Black-faced Monarch High Five Grey Shrike-thrush Lewin's Honeyeater singing I Spy Eastern Yellow Robin Horses at Emu Creek The Frisky Little Pony Striated Heron Crested Tern Drifter Silver Gull Great Egret Brahminy Kite Froggie! Damselfly Portrait of a Dragon Dawrf Green Treefrog Flared Grass Abstraction Azure Kingfisher Brisbane from the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs Brown Gerygone With proper obedience training, you don't need rope. Grass In a reflective MOOd The Encore AGS Machine Gun Nest Fuel Dump Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams as seen from Mt Mee Number 6 Gun, Afternoon firing at History Alive Gladiator! A tribute to Robert Capa. Number 6 Gun, Sunday Morning firing. Stars over Lake Moogerah Startrails under moonlight Blacksmith at work Nankeen Kestrel Contemplative Gypsy Qld Permanent Artillery Milky Way One of the young feathertail gliders Platypus Eastern Spinbill (singing) Bassian Thrush Kara (reshoot) King Parrot (male) Brisbane from Kangaroo Point (experimental)