Tonight's Sunset

Fairly ho-hum I'm afraid. The clouds looked like they might have had potential, but they were too low in the sky to produce anything interesting.

See approx. where this picture was taken.

View all photos taken: Friday, 2nd May 2008, This photo: 5:09pm

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  • heidi_K said:
    But still turned out okay :-)
    Great sky!
  • Clearskies Images said:
    Great cloud and I love the glow appearing behind the hills!
  • David de Groot said:
    But it could have been sooo much better. I've seen lots of really awesome "sky on fire" sunsets, but never had a camera on me when they're happening.
    The glow was nice, for sure, just too small.
  • flash of light said:
    Nevertheless a lovely pattern and the silhouetted horizon is great.
  • flash of light said:
    ps. you are looking very distinguished these days.
  • David de Groot said:
    Danke :)
    Distinguished eh? That's a new one - others have likened the icon to a mobster.
  • flash of light said:
    Well a disinguished mobster at least.