The top of Purlingbrook Falls

I made use of my tripod's special centre column to get the camera clear of the fence here and thus show a different view of the falls.

View all photos taken: Saturday, 20th February 2010, This photo: 5:41pm

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  • aaardvaark said:
    Lovely shot, waterfalls are wonderful. I like the tree-ferns or are they palms at the bottom. Having visited Springbrook a couple of times I'm disappointed we never found these falls (didn't try hard since we were always passing through not staying).
    Did you use a neutral filter as well as small aperture to get to 1 second exposure, or was it fairly dark anyway?
  • beaumitchell said:
    I was here just the other day. Didn't bother with a photo from the top as I didn't think I could get anything decent from that angle, but wish I had have tried now! Good stuff, David.
    Did you shoot from the bottom? So much spray!
  • Panorama Paul said:
    Yikes... that looks scary... like you're holding onto a little shrub with one hand... and shooting with the other! Nice composition though... I love that you went out on a limb (so to speak) to find the best angle! :)
  • andrew katic said:
    great the exposure on the water.looks great.well this using a nd400 filter
  • David de Groot said:
    Palms at the bottom, although tree ferns are not hard to come by around the area either. This one was just the small aperture and an overcast sky. I considered putting on an ND filter but given where the camera was, and the levels of light, I'd have to compose first, then add the filter which I wasn't keen on doing over the edge of a cliff ;-)
    We thought about going down, but at that time of day I'd been on the go for 11.5 hours and the prospect of a 4km return trip didn't excite me. There was definitely a large amount of spray to be seen, which would have made shooting from the bottom challenging.
    Luckily it was a lot safer than that Paul. The Manfrotto 055XProB has a centre column that can be swung out to the side, thus allowing me to put the camera over the fence while still staying securely on solid ground. :)
    No filters this time around Andrew :)
  • looby88 said:
    makes me feel all queasy !! Beautiful waterfall photos David
  • David de Groot said:
    'twas quite the treat, as they'd had recent rain and were flowing nicely, but also it had been about a week since the big rains, so the water was crystal clear nearly everywhere too.
  • Mister Joe said:
    Mr. de Groot, you've got some really good work in your photostream.
  • David de Groot said:
    Why thank you Mister Joe.
  • obakesan said:
    nice shot of Purlingbrook. The fences do tend to muck it up but looking at the vegetation at the top it seems to have had some positive benefits. Much less water on the occasion I last took a camera there