The C17a flyby

A time-compressed panorama showing all four aircraft as shot from the Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane.

View all photos taken: Thursday, 22nd November 2012, This photo: 8:24am


  • ibsut said:
    I like it...impressive craft
  • sjmc1 said:
    Very nice and a great vantage point to.
  • maasha said:
    Did it fly under the bridge?
  • David de Groot said:
    [] I wish! but no.
    [] Would have been interesting from the Q1 tower on the Gold Coast too.
    [] Thanks.
  • Steve's Life said:
    Nice shot, great perspective.
  • Clarky the Lion said:
    great shot.
  • Stephen M Reid said:
    Great timing David.
  • Peter Hegarty said:
    Very cool Dave.....
  • Rob Smith15 said:
    Nice shot David
  • corrieee said:
    Nice one Prof!
  • traceyjohns said:
    This is sensational!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] Thanks all :)