The beautiful Blue Lake at Jenolan Caves.

This lake is formed by a man-made weir (camera right), but the blue colouring of the water is natural and a side effect of the minerals the water picks up passing through the caves systems.

Unfortunately I was there during the harsh mid-morning sun, but hopefully this sample conveys some of the beauty to be found here.

View all photos taken: Saturday, 1st January 2011, This photo: 9:25am

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  • Xenedis said:
    I've been here and shot this lake, but my image was nowhere near as pleasing as this.
    It's an incredible sight.
  • chooks! said:
    Nice Colors Dave :)
  • sjmc1 said:
    wow wonderful colour david,and perfect light hitting the water.
    Where is this never heard of it before.
  • chamellieon said:
    very nice blues! im hoping to get to the caves at easter!
  • brissychic said:
    It's beautiful.
  • Unrelated Patterns said:
    That's gorgeous!
  • Stephen M Reid said:
    Gorgeous water colour
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Definitely worth going for a wander around while waiting for your cave tour. ;-)
    [] Thanks Tim, thought it about time I posted something non-flood-related.
    [] Jenolan Caves, west of Sydney on the western parts of the Blue Mountains. Well worth a trip out there if you ever get the chance.
    [] I could easily spend a week here going on cave tours and exploring the area. Easter, apart from being busy, is actually a good time to go as it can snow there in the winter making getting in/out difficult.
    [] [] [] Thanks!
  • Adam Randell said:
    Amazing colour in that water David!! We drove out from the Blue Mountains a few years ago, got detoured around some small towns as there was a crash on the highway, then about 10km into the caves road we were stopped by a highway patrol saying that the road was blocked as a bus had collided with a motorcycle. We never got to see the caves...
    But hey we did a lap of Bathurst
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Yeah the road in can be a bit tricky, although you can detour via Oberon and come in the back way.
    I've been 'round Bathurst in a '64 Studebaker Cruiser (V8 - 'cause it's not right to go around there in anything less). ;-)
  • Hsin Tai Liu said:
    Wonderful Image! Beautiful Colors!
  • MikeSenior said:
    Heck that looks awesome.
  • Benicio Murray said:
    Here's mine from when I was there quite a while ago.

    You really captured the lake well with the little space available.
  • Warwick (wazzam) said:
    Pretty as a picture Dave (so to speak) :)
  • looby88 said:
    we have something like this nearish to where I live, sometimes the water looks blue, another time its more azure etc, ours is caused by particles of clay etc in the water, the pit was man made from digging clay for pottery.
    Yours is stunning, harsh sun or otherwise !
  • Bazpaul said:
    very nice!! love the colour
  • Ross_M said:
    Looks Jurassic!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Thanks!
    [] Yeah, it's a pretty cool spot.
    [] It's sometimes tricky to get the right angle to really show off the colour.
    [] Thanks Warwick.
    [] Yeah, some sort of particle in the water, possibly calcium based (need to look it up).
    [] Thanks!
    [] That'll be the tree ferns. ;-)
  • D'Arne, Ming & Jack said:
    Good one, Dave !
  • Jesper B├╝low said:
    Great shot! Amazing water colour!
  • TaishiMatsumoto said:
    Wow so beautiful! Looks like a scene from the jurassic era.
  • meerkat woman said:
    aahh the Platypus Pools - going there tomorrow- nice shot