The 19th Alabama Regiment

American Civil War era.

History Alive, Fort Lytton, Qld.

View all photos taken: Sunday, 13th June 2010, This photo: 11:36am

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  • Tristen Murray said:
    Fantasic processing. Looks very authentic
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks - that was the look I was after. Very authentic guys need an authentic looking portrait. :)
  • FrAcTuReD...fOtOs said:
    Well done mate and yep - very autentic :)
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Jeff! I always try to do justice to the huge effort the re-enactors go to in order to be as authentic as possible.
  • thebookfreak58 said:
    Top processing there. Would never known it was taken in 2010 :-)
  • looby88 said:
    they is mean looking dudes !
    Very good Mr de groot !
  • aramisfirefly said:
    Love this processing work too Dave. Very very very nice.
  • -spacegoat- said:
    woah. looks like something you'd find in a museum. agree with all the comments above re the processing. love this a lot!
  • Cobra_11 said:
    Excellent! And the perfect choice of bw for the motive! Well done!
  • David de Groot said:
    Excellent, thanks Tim, exactly what I was going for.
    And yet, ultimately, the characters they play were defeated.
    Thanks Matt :)
    Thanks :)
    Worked out well. 'twas a really good session really.
  • nick.lagos said:
    Very authentic looking David....another fine job...
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Nick! :)
  • [ Kane ] said:
    All of the above.
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Kane. Always nice to get some good portraits. Definitely a more productive day on Sunday than on the Saturday, but at least I managed to get most of the event coverage done on the Saturday which freed me up for portraits on the following day.
  • Unrelated Patterns said:
    It's interesting that Australians would be into American Civil War reenactment.
    Nice photo, too!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] The guy on the right is actually a native of Alabama, but now lives in Australia. Does a really convincing job too.