That Bridge again...

I took a walk up to the Story Bridge at lunchtime yesterday. There's a little pathway that leads up to the bridge itself which has a nice clear view of the bridge. This shot was taken with the kit lens, as I needed the wide end (the 50mm only got the far end of the bridge).

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  • FrAcTuReD...fOtOs said:
    David, is that taken with the lens you had with you last night. Great quality if it is!
  • Clearskies Images said:
    Great shot David.
    The kit lens I have found is great, it's a very much maligned lens.
    The most fantastic tiger shot I've ever seen, was taken with the 18-55mm, I think it was published ages ago in one of the photographic mags.I use it for almost all my landscapes/seascape shots.
  • David de Groot said:
    Nah, this is the bog standard kit lens Jeff (18-55mm). It really is a crap lens, BUT in the right conditions it can perform adequately. This is one of those times.

    The kit is fine for most people Cecily, until you use a better lens in the same focal length, then you realise just how bad it is. However, having said that, it still has it's uses, you just need to be aware of it's shortcomings and when not to use it.
  • -spam- said:
    I regularly go between the kit lens and the sigma 17-70 and as a bundled piece of glass/plastic, it isnt that bad. Lets just say that i have used worse in the past ;)
  • David de Groot said:
    Well the problems I have with the kit lens are:
    a) it's soft - I don't think I've ever got a truly sharp picture out of it - not like hte 50/1.8 anyway

    b) it's flat - colours and contrast are both a bit flat. This can be fixed somewhat in post-processing, but it's a bit annoying to have to do so.

    c) chromatic abberation is a real issue when strong lights are about.

    But with the right lighting and composition, you can get fairly decent pictures out of it. Having said that, prints probably look fine, but I tend not to print my photos unless I'm entering a contest or something.
  • traceyisanozzy said:
    Lovely shot of the Story Bridge, brings back memories of living in Brissy many years ago. Nicely done David! :-)
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Tracey. It's a photogenic bridge, despite being a big chunk of grey steel.
  • -spam- said:
    David, the 50mm 1.8 is an amazing lens. for the price there isnt really anything that can beat it. The lens that gives me the most problems is my 75-300mm. Purple fringing everywhere and its so bad you cant fix it in photoshop.

    At least that one is now going to be in my bag only for emergencies, since my dad came home with a 70-200 f4 L the other day : )
  • David de Groot said:
    Ah yes I'd heard the 75-300 was pretty bad, which is why I didn't opt for the dual lens kit when I bought the 400D. Whoot I've used the 70-200 f/4L before, it's a very nice lens (not quite as nice as the 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM, but then it's 2.5 times cheaper too)
  • picsbymac said:
    Hmm...maybe if you take a bunch of shots that 'would have been so much better if only I had that lens from the shop', you could make your case to bring that new lens home??
  • Ian Mc1 said:
    Nice perspective shot especially when viewed on large and great DOF.
  • David de Groot said:
    You might have something there Melisa :)
    Actually, this shot would be somewhat better with a wider lens for sure!

    Thanks Ian, it's a great little spot for bridge shots, and being sunny I could stop down the lens a fair bit improving the DoF dramatically.
  • Clearskies Images said:
    David... Yeah "great" was probably a bit strong for this lens I agree but..
    there will always be something bigger and better, which pretty much goes for everything.
    My point was, that you can still get good shots from the cheapest camera's and lenses, it all comes back to the skill of the photographer, and what you can afford.
  • David de Groot said:
    Well yes you can Cecily - in fact I've taken quite a few myself, it's just that you really notice the difference when you get the opportunity to shoot with something better. :)
  • Clearskies Images said:
    Some really good shots there David, thanks for sharing.
  • leadegroot said:
    Mel: no way I am falling for that one! The bridge pics were perfectly good
    (he's way behind on yard work if he thinks he's getting more goodies this month!)
    ~ the wife
  • picsbymac said:
  • stephenk1977 said:
    I took a similar shot a few weeks back when I discovered that walkway. Hopefully the wharf under the bridge will be re-developed soon allowing for wide angle shots of both legs of the river.
  • David de Groot said:
    It's a neat little walkway for sure. Nicely secluded with a good view to go with it.
  • pizzodisevo said:
    I get a shot made in 1959 about 200 meters on the other side from the bridge, here I can see it finally.