While in the park at Kangaroo Point with Johnno and a bunch of Brisbanites, we came across this wedding party.

The grooms men in the background spotted the plethora of dSLRs sporting large lenses and started waving at us, I snapped off this one just as the Bride turned around to be surprised by the Brisbane Paparazzi.

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View all photos taken: Saturday, 17th November 2007, This photo: 5:50pm

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  • James Ottaway said:
    Damnit, now I want that lens too... That's a great shot David. She looks like she is pulling her dress up. And I think you made first post for the meet members =P

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)
  • picsbymac said:
    great shot : ) the guys look like they're having fun. the bride does look like her dress is slipping. and that bridesmaid has an expression like 'it's bad enough I have to wear this tie-die dress, do you have take a photo of me in it?' lol.
  • David de Groot said:
    It's a nice lens James, there's something to be said for fast glass, that's for sure. :)

    Yes I think the bridesmaid was somewhat shocked at the sheer volume of cameras pointing that way. The guys, were definitely having fun, and methinks had already started on the reception drinks ;-)
  • Michael SA said:
    I can think of a few captions to go with this - angled at the official photographer you've caught here - but I'll keep my mouth shut, it gets me in trouble way too much!
    I like the contrast between the groomsmen (playing the fool) and the groom (on his best behaviour)
    Nice surprise shot Dave.
  • ronnietan said:
    great moment. did you offer them the shot?
  • paleo.steve said:
    Great shot Dave. Very timely capture...
  • David de Groot said:
    Yeah, it was a good moment and both the official photogs should have caught it, but it would seem neither were ready or paying attention.

    Nah, we left them in peace after this. I wasn't entirely sure it'd be sharp, but it was, so I'm pleased. This is straight out of the raw converter, no adjustments at all.

    Thanks Steve :)
  • FrAcTuReD...fOtOs said:
    Beautiful photo David. A fabulous candid moment!
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Jeff, hmmm, maybe that's a new wedding photography niche market.... gatecrashing candid photography ;-)