Strollin' on the dock of the Bay

Well, ok, Woody Point Jetty.

Shot with the 85/1.2 wide open using an ND400 to keep the shutter speed down to a reasonable level.

Just mucking about while waiting for our students to arrive.

View all photos taken: Saturday, 23rd October 2010, This photo: 2:48pm


  • bendyclickr said:
    Love the shallow dof here Dave, the tones from the processing are great also.
  • Unrelated Patterns said:
    [] I have to agree. The pair in the foreground almost seem surreal.
  • Tristen Murray said:
    Very cool shot. The DOF really makes you look straight at the couple
  • Ross_M said:
    Clever use of the ND400 - must try that. Bit how did you focus??
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Very close to straight out of camera on this one. Just a wee fiddle in LR (but really not much at all).
    [] Gotta love a really wide aperture :)
    [] Sure does.
    [] In bright sunlight, on a fast lens, it's pretty easy to see and focus through the viewfinder Ross.
  • -Gadabout- said:
    Lovely - I like the way you shot it - original and it works to great effect :D
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Well I can't claim originality for the idea, seen something like it before, but it works well :)