Startrails on a moonless night

With a bonus shooting star.

This was the result of our startrails workshop last night. I decided to use the TS-E as there was no moon and it was quite dry.

View all photos taken: Saturday, 28th May 2011, This photo: 9:04am


  • Xenedis said:
    Very well executed.
    That's one familiar tree.
    Next time we visit I wouldn't mind shooting this tree again.
  • Reedy Photography (michaelglenreed) said:
    Great end result David, hope the workshop went well!!
  • The Central Scrutiniser said:
    Damn - well done Dave. And like Johnno- I know this tree well now.
  • _mokai_ said:
  • David de Groot said:
    [] I'm sure we can manage that. :)
    [] Sure did. Cold, but well.
    [] Quite possibly the longest overall exposure I've done to date on one of these. The tree is convenient, although it'd be so much better without Brisbane glowing on the horizon...
    [] :)
  • kth_friend said:
    nice vortex.... great comp
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • in2fx said:
    nice one David
    How many exposures to get one like this ?
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Thanks :)
    [] About 2 hours worth :)
  • Dawn Woodhouse said:
    wow van gogh!
  • Dawn Woodhouse said:
    can you explain why the stars move circular and not in a line
  • fotoscape2009 said:
    great work Dave, 2, excellent effort!
  • sjmc1 said:
    Wonderful work david.
    You Can now follow me on facebook with the link here.
  • Maki_C30D said:
    how on earth did you do this!?! :D great work!
  • thebookfreak58 said:
    Nice one Dave! Gotta give this a go sometime!
  • jonphilpott22 said:
    Awesome capture, how long was the exposure?
  • Maki_C30D said:
    Yay! thanks for the tutorials! I really appreciate it :-)
  • Scott Leach said:
    Amazing. Very jealous, you'd never get a shot like this here, too much light polution
  • borealnz said:
    Stunning David!!
  • Jan Gr said:
    Hi David. Your pictures appear quite common at first, but they all have a special touch, which makes them surprisingly more interesting. Thats amazing.
    Very nice shot! Thumbs up
  • Limelight Fotography said:
    Lovely night image there.... liked it :) saw the photo in Night Images group, posting quickly using software just to let u know i noticed and like ur pic :)
    if u like u can join my recently created fan page on in my profile :) Thaks
  • Dylan Toh said:
    those are some crazy star trails from the wide angle distortion - love it! stacking certainly makes for a cleaner outcome it seems
  • greenplasticdave said:
    Holy crumbs that's lots of stars :)
  • aramisfirefly said:
    Cool shot Dave, looks superb! Nice work!
  • NicosSisios said:
  • 2careless said:
    Wonderful shot!
  • Hsin Tai Liu said:
    Wonderful Picture!!
  • whytebate said:
    Great shot David - must have been a mega long exposure? the stars look like they're lapping themselves, right?
  • dtmateojr said:
    Amazing! Unlike other star trails I've seen, the pattern here looks more oval in shape than circular. Is that because of a particular lens?
  • Madiator said:
    Damn, thats super awesome and some more!
  • apurdam (Andrew) said:
    It's... it's ... full of stars!
    And so blue, too.
  • efegete said:
    Fantastic.......and lots of hours of patience!!!!!!!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Yes, it's because the earth rotates. The circlular effect is captureing that rotation over time.
    [] Thanks :) Helps to have people with you, two hours in the cold would be quite a while on your own.
    [] Already am Steve ;-)
    [] Thanks Maria :) Pretty cool eh ?
    [] It's cold work Tim.
    [] about 2 hours Jim.
    [] Shame that. Still a fair bit of light pollution here, but it's much better out west.
    [] :)
    [] Thanks!
    [] Thanks!
    [] Usually yes!
    [] Sure was!
    [] Thanks Matt!
    [] [] [] Thanks!
    [] Not quite, twas only around 2 hours.
    [] Yes, ultra-wide angle and then rotated around so I'm not pointing directly at the pole.
    [] Thanks!
    [] hehehe true on both accounts ;-)
    [] Yep!
  • ghis44free said:
    Nice result.
  • Cygnus Valverde said:
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    Astrofotografos del Mundo/ World´s Astrophotographers
  • Almost* said:
    wow this looks great
  • Heidi Schulz said:
    Wow...that looks amazing!
  • said:
    Woow one amazing have done an awesome job
  • PeteHuu said:
    excellent work
  • David de Groot said:
    [] [] [] [] [] Thanks!
  • GW STUDIO said:
    Awesome view! Did u finish this great picture just by one shot for 2 hours? or many shots composed in photoshop?
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Layers :)
  • Rich Helmer Photo said:
    Nice job here!! Great shot!
  • exito2099 said:
    Nice star trails, love the position of the tree.
    Jealous of the 17mm tilt shift i love the 90mm one.
  • shonkathan said:
    Nicely centered.