Riverfire 2009 - F-111 Dump-n-Burn

Incredibly poor timing from a photographic standpoint had the Dump-n-Burn occuring not at the start but towards the end of the show.

As you can see, smoke has pretty much ruined what could have been a fairly decent shot, but you take what you can.

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  • Glen-Michael said:
    Not too bad though.
  • [ Kane ] said:
    At least u got something mate, well done.
  • Cass n Dan said:
    WOW solid :)
    LOVE IT :)

    this is amazing David :)
    jealous heheheh
  • greenplasticdave said:
    Nice one David. You're a fast worker, still sorting through mine :)
  • James Lagden said:
    Nice strong colours.
  • Shaun Johnston said:
    Nice one :)
    As per usual I'll be at least a week behind the 8-ball with my shots ;)
  • Rob Smith15 said:
    Still git a great shot David. This was always one thing I wanted to see when I was in Qld & missed out. Will be in Bris wed/thursd - any suggestions for photo's
  • benefit of hindsight said:
    looks like it must have been quite a show
  • Grooved Ware People said:
    I have to wait until I get my film developed.....
  • Fermata Productions said:
    Cant believe they didnt dump and burn at the start, totally threw me off.
  • cookie_c73 said:
    Still pretty amazing David, I still like yours last year better, but this one captures what was on offer. Wish I was there to have a go!
  • frednaut said:
    Looks pretty cool to me David. You've got such a good eye for Riverfire.
  • David de Groot said:
    It's passable I guess.
    True, although I did have to correct for distortion and clone out some weird lens flare, truly bizarre stuff.
    Thanks Cass.
    It's all in the timing ;-)
    Aye, but I could have done without the smoke.
    Ah, but I'm sure they'll be quite impressive. 4x5 velvia I presume ?
    Might be some Brisbane Festival festivities at Southbank. Otherwise, can't think of much right now (mind you, brain is a bit fried from being out in the sun for 8 hours today).
    But not as good as last year.
    I thought of shooting some film too, but given I had three digital bodies in action, figured it might have been a bit much to try for a fourth body ;-)
    I know!!! What were they thinking ????
    Yeah last year was definitely better.
  • Fermata Productions said:
    Just a funny thought, last year you got the amazing shot with a 400D? and Sigma 10-20? Now you have a a 5D mkII and L series and while I think you honestly got the best possible shot all things considered I cant help but think that last years was better with gear that is roughly a 1/4 of the price. Just goes to show its all in the moment, not in the price tag.
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Geoff. Damn long day though, and then to have the rug pulled out from under us by having the F-111 dump later in the proceedings was a real bummer.
  • David de Groot said:
    Very true - let that be a lesson to all would be photographers, it's the photographer not the gear that makes the shot. ;-)
  • frednaut said:
    Yeah mate. I couldn't bring myself to do it this year. Such a long day. Of course now I'm thinking...hmm it's not so bad...
    I shot from there last year (not so much by choice as overcrowding mind you). I like that it's a different perspective and the DnB looks great. Mind you I think the waterfall looks a bit better front on. Maybe next year I'll try again.
  • [ Kane ] said:
    Haha, love the comments about the 400D ;)
  • Fermata Productions said:
    haha Yeah its funny I used the same 400D sigma 10-20 Combo last weekend at WRC Rally and it got published in Norther Rivers paper over the shots from 40D and 70-200 2.8. Must just be a good combo.
  • kurteu said:
    A great shot and with a new angle from your great shot last year. Nice work.
  • Jesse4870 said:
    That was very quick, I wasn't expecting anything until tomorrow at the earliest. It's still a great photo though.
  • SkattyKat said:
    my fav so far i think David
    Just wish I was there as I have never photographed fireworks before
    (& the camera makes a huge difference doesn't it DAVE !!! lol (I am trying to talk Trevor round to a new body lol)
  • accesser said:
    Very nice good to see you still had use of that spot
  • ((Kristin)) said:
    Still an awesome shot even if there is a bit too much smoke. It really was disappointing that they didn't dump and burn at the beginning...I have a perfectly clear shot with just afterburners in it. Boo!
    Sad we didn't get to see you, but maybe at the next meet up! And a would-be thief? What happened with that? That's scary, given the amount of equipment all of us had there...
  • Grauniad2 said:
    Still a very impressive shot. I need another lesson...
  • shibuuuum said:
    excellent shot!!!
  • looby88 said:
    I think its fine personally, very la de da writing across the bottom, If I didnt know you better I 'd think you were very posh !!
    dump and burn... sounds more like a form of motorsport !
    I tend to agree that I prefer last years shot- having looked at it again, that annoying boat is there- but its the angle I prefer- nothing to do with smoke- or lack of it !
  • Stephen Healey said:
    Turned out superb even with the smoke. I burned out my dump-n-burn shot by getting too much of the after fireworks. Really good choice of spot for something different.
  • Louise. said:
    Nice work David, looks better in the photograph than it did in real life.
  • Adam Randell said:
    Excellent capture David, couldn't see anything from Gympie!!(ha ha)
    Just wish I could get down there for it.
    Love the dump & burn over the bridge mate!!
  • D'Arne, Ming & Jack said:
    wow !
  • Millisynth said:
    David - loving this shot.
    Great angle here. How many seconds was this exposure?
    Top work!
  • Simon Diete said:
    This looks great David. I'm glad you guys got to try that spot out in the end.
  • [Jezza] said:
    NIce one Dave.. I couldn't agree with you more.. we were all fired up with our finger onthe shutter but no dump-n-burn at the intro.. and it's always too smokey by the end of it. Mine was all blown out from those red lights..
    Great shot for conditions!
  • nichbri said:
    I was going to comment that you did very well in that the smoke doesn't really detract from the image quality, it looks fantastic. It is a shame the dump and burn didn't occur before the fireworks though. Nice shot!
  • SKOPELOS (green on blue) said:
    A beautiful image !
    Seen in the interestingness archives.
  • David de Groot said:
    Yeah I agree with the front on view of the waterfall, it's ok from here, but not quite as impressive as front on where you get more river reflection.
    It's definitely a combo that works well anyway.
    Thanks :)
    Gotta get it out there early if you want people to see it - strike while the iron's hot, that sort of thing.
    Oh yes Kath, definitely, ummm, couldn't have done it with my old kit at all ;-) (will that do?)
    I stayed on the legal side of the fence, due to the timelapse I was running.
    Yeah I should have popped down at some stage. As for the thief-wanna-be, he was drunk, tried to make off with Kane's tripod (empty), then another tripod, and then my second pod and a mates 5DII+24-70/2.8L I'd borrowed. I fended him off with my hefty tripod and sent him on his way. 'twas quite bizarre, never had that happen to me before. You guys were ok though 'cause you weren't on the footpath and he seemed to be opportunistic.
    You did pretty well anyway by the looks of it :)
    Thanks :)
    hehehe, just a bit of extra anti-image-theft branding. It's a bugger having to add this sort of thing, but alas, some people don't think twice about making off with your photos.
    As for last years view, it's definitely the more traditional view, but there's no point taking the same photo twice ;-)
    Stephen Healey - yeah there's a fine line between just enough fireworks, and too much. Alas, it's something only experience can teach you.
    Does somewhat doesn't it - not as much atmosphere though.
    I'd have been really impressed if you could see it from Gympie Adam :P If the stories are true, you've left your run too late as they say this was the last Riverfire with the F-111 dump-n-burn. Mind you, they said that last year too.
    58 Milli. There are a couple of very minor blown spots, but they're acceptable.
    Well Kane and Matt hopped over for *the* spot, I stayed up top.
    The red flares were a bugger, that's for sure.
    Yeah I think that's the overall impression from everyone, the burn should have been at the start. Oh well, hopefully they do come back next year and do it properly ;-)
  • dtmateojr said:
    So this is how it looked like. I only saw it on TV. Very nice. I didn't expect the afterburner to have this overall effect. So clean. Looks like a clothes line on fire. I was expecting it to be more "chaotic".
  • whytebate said:
    WOW!! Well worth the wait I'd say. Everything is so clear, despite the smoke haze. I reckon you've turned a negaitve into a positive. ;o) Shame not to have seen you David - next time.
  • P de G 1952 said:
    Excellent shot even though the dump and burn occurred at the wrong momment. Shame it is the last dump and burn for Riverfire ..... or is it ???
    Have to admit that last year was better. This year you got from a different angle. Again excellent shot.
  • David de Groot said:
    Well it looked chaotic in nature but when you take it over a long exposure it appears pretty smooth :)
    Thanks Sarah :) Yeah next time for sure, I'm sure there'll be more meets to catch up at.
  • G-Rated Birdman of El Paso said:
    Fabulous image. Very fine work!
  • David de Groot said:
    Yeah I'm not sure it'll be the last or not. The official sources say it will, but as you know, if the RAAF can get away with another I think they'd jump at it. ;-)
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks :)
  • P de G 1952 said:
    Mum says this shot is so artistic she loves it. She can see this picture hanging on the wall in the house. I see that you managed to get both dump and burn afterburner trails.
  • Thea M said:
    Excellent timing. Looks great despite your reservations, David.
  • aramisfirefly said:
    Yours came out better than mine Dave, but yeah, I felt 12 hours of my life go down the drain when they didn't dump on the first run! (and a better arc too ;( )
  • accesser said:
    lol lol yeah I think many people where wondering what just happened
  • David de Groot said:
    Is that a Christmas hint ? :P
    Thanks Thea :)
    Yeah I couldn't believe it at the start. I was all set, exposing, had rung Josh to tell him to start since he forgot a radio, and then nothing.
  • looby88 said:
    all you guys moaning about a long day... you see I could have take my knitting and been quite happy !!! Of course there is nothing to stop you taking it up- be a way of getting your own back for all those hand knitted jumpers you recieve, and dont want !
  • stephenk1977 said:
    Great angle and colours. Still and impressive shot. I missed riverfire this year.
  • leadegroot said:
    Helen, you are forgetting one thing - this was under the Australian sun. Spending a day out in it isn't something a lot of us do lightly ;)
  • Garry' said:
    Pristine work David.....not sure what you are talking about smoke....it was much worse on the other side.
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)
  • Garry' said:
    In fact when I saw that bight barge turning up on your side I thought you guys wouldn't like it. But I see it wasn't too bad after all....at least from your angle
  • David de Groot said:
    Well I read a book, talked, took some photos, drank heaps of water, fought potential thieves, applied lots of sunscreen... it's still a long hot day though.
    Thanks Stephen. I reckon it might just do.
    So I noticed from other shots Garry, but then the wind went that way last year too. Yeah I can live with the boats, but am not thrilled by their existence.
  • G_iG_i said:
    Have a nice day.
    congrats for the explore.
  • looby88 said:
    Actually Lea, I cant sit around for long, and the sun and I are not a great mix at the best of times, I would have been bored witless. We had great firework displays near to where we used to live- every thurs and fri throughout the summer. I think they were from a boat out at sea. We went once- and that was enough, hours trying to get home afterwards with chocked roads, all for 30 minutes of bang , smoke, oohs and aaahs, very pretty, but not worth it. This affair looks very spectacular, especially with the aircraft- would I go - nah !
    I wonder what sort of photos you would get from the boat ?
    well done to all those who persevere for their art !
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    "This photograph is a WINNER!"
    the BEST of Flickr!!!
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    Awsome shot !
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  • rattus1979 said:
    Great shot, I'm officially jealous, I was supposed to be on top of the admiralty towers, but my missus dragged me to bloody gympie ... still got some good shots out there too, just not f1-11's :(
  • tmtam said:
    v nice!
  • Carl Guan said:
    Beautiful shot! Great eyes!
  • David de Groot said:
    I've often thought the view from a boat would be refreshingly different, but the problem with boats is that they move, so long exposure photography is kinda out of the question.
    Thanks :)
    Ah nice country around Gympie, but poor timing on the visit ;-)
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  • sjmc1 said:
    Still say its a ripper dave ;)
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Steve :)
  • Román Emin said:
    Awesome! Great shot.
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks :)
  • Mitch Lahey said:
    Amazing David. Such a beautiful photo. F1-11 trails are great, fireworks work so well, and the whole scene around the story bridge looks great. Well done, another awesome Riverfire photo from you
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Mitch :)
  • dwhopkins said:
    Wonderful capture!!
    Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)
  • Hanyi® said:
    Hi u! It's really nice pic! I love it so much!
  • David de Groot said: