Partial Eclipse composite.

A composite of the Partial Eclipse tonight, and a previous night sky panorama.

View all photos taken: Sunday, 28th August 2011, This photo: 7:34pm


  • Leftquark said:
    I like how you put this on the milky way :)
  • chooks! said:
    That is a pretty darn good composite of yesterday evenings eclipse Dave! The stars blend in real well.
  • Giselle Fran├ža said:
    Well done.
  • Ross_M said:
    Nice work Dave
  • andrewbruce said:
    Love it
  • Dylan Toh said:
    nice overlay work dave!
  • Mark Wassell said:
    That looks awesome - great work David!
  • joka2000 said:
    Splendid shot!