Napalm strike at Emu Gully Land and Air Show

Contact Front in the foreground as part of the last battle of the day (Vietnam era).

View all photos taken: Sunday, 20th May 2012, This photo: 3:40pm


  • renanluna said:
  • Ross_M said:
    Hot stuff!
  • Joe Brosnan said:
    Awesome work, must have been a thrill to see
  • Mark Wassell said:
    Wow amazing shot - can feel the heat from here!!
  • Brian Aston said:
    Good Stuff David
  • apurdam (Andrew) said:
    That immediately makes me think of Apocalypse Now, and only secondarily of the huge pain and suffering of the people to whom this was subjected in Vietnam.
    I just have to call it how I see it.
    It is an amazing photo, but carries much more that the visual power, I think.
  • DaveScottPhoto said:
    Yes, a grim reminder of what we are capable of. Well done!
  • ankewill said:
    Gee! What a blaze.
  • teejaybee said:
  • David de Groot said:
    [] [] Indeed!
    [] 'tis one of the highlights of the show.
    [] It was indeed somewhat warm. The blast itself lasts for maybe 1 second, but the heat wave for a lot less than that.
    [] Thanks!
    [] Indeed Andrew. One can only wonder at the type of person that would think a weapon such as this would be even remotely considered ok in the rules of war.
    [] Absolutely.
    [] Aye, but a short lived one.
    [] Quite :)