Lars Anderson House

I found this colonial house on the main street of Esk. I think it's now used as a restaurant / B&B.

In 1900 Lars appeared before a Qld Govt. Committee concerning a proposed railway extension.

Lars Andersen was a Danish Sawmiller who lived in Esk in the late 1800's and early 1900's. He built the Christ Church that stands in Milton. Anderson and his two brothers were very successful in this industry, partly because he had been instrumental in developing a system of light rail to extract timber from areas which were previously inaccessible due to difficult terrain. It is probable that Andersen was chosen rather than a local builder because he had constructed the Anglican Church at Esk.

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  • Peter Hegarty said:
    Nicely framed Dave, great composition.
  • Jack High said:
    Terrific wide angle shot. I really like the effect making the house seem a little imposing (would be very spooky at night) and the slight distortion of the clouds at the top. It appears very historically Australian to me. The subject really suits the composition and treatment.
    Great tree out the back.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Peter :)

    It was one of the few interesting things in the entire Esk Shire (quite amazing really, the only touristy thing the entire shire has going for it are the dams and the sky diving at Tagoolawah).

    I do love my wide angle lens :) Down low and slightly tilted upwards you get these lovely imposing distortions.
  • Louise. said:
    Beautiful photo David, what are you doing up Esk way?
  • David de Groot said:
    Taking this photo among others :) The Esk Shire Council are running a photo competition so I thought I'd have a go at it.
  • ├éndrea Possamai said:
    lovely place!
  • traceyisanozzy said:
    Such a beautiful old house and wonderful photo David, I think this is up there with some of my dream houses :-)

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  • Giorgos~ said:
    It looks so good in this angle and under this wonderful sky!
  • -Bennie- said:
    Dave, another awesome shot! nice composition!

    You know you're encouraging me to purchase a wide angle lens now don't you!
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks, the morning light helps.

    It's definitely very quaint. I didn't have a really good look to see what it is they do there (I think it said something about a B&B).

    'twas a beautiful morning for photography. The clouds were most obliging.
  • David de Groot said:
    Sigma 10-20mm EX HSM ;-) They're up to half the price of the Canon version and just as good. Just saying ;-)
  • ~Prescott said:
    Beautiful framing here, the lens at its best.
  • David de Groot said:
    Why thank you Sir :)
  • FrAcTuReD...fOtOs said:
    Yes, I have to agree along with everyone else. The perfect lens for the job. Beautiful framing. Killer sky. Wonderful image David!
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Jeff. I must say, once again I'm surprised by the reaction. I figured it was a perfectly nice photo but didn't think it was exceptional, as such. Not that I'm complaining, oh no, it's just interesting to see how different people react differently to visual stimuli.
  • Ms Twinkle Toes said:
    love the sky and perspective of this shot! plus....well it's home (as in queensland) and there just isn't enough great shots of queenslanders around in my opinion! this one is a beauty, as in shot and queenslander!

    gosh this one evokes memories......
  • David de Groot said:
    You're welcome :)
  • blarg1517 said:
    My wife and I were the ones who restored that house to what it is today. We bought it back in 2003 and spent the next 9 months restoring it and opening it as a museum and restaurant.
    In 2005, ill health forced us to sell up and we moved to France. This is the first picture of the property we have seen since we left. It's good to see it's still in good condition.
    I have plenty of photos of it in its former state as well as the restorations and when it was finally complete. The gardens look a little more established now compared to 2005.
    Many thanks for posting this.
  • David de Groot said:
    Hi :)
    It's a beautiful house, and now apparently threatened by development :(
    I'd be interested in seeing the before shots.