Jumping spider

Somewhat cropped, sitting on a tissue, flashed from underneath, on-camera fill.

View all photos taken: Monday, 17th November 2008, This photo: 9:09pm

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  • Cowboy from hell! said:
    well macro & awesome bokeh
    I like the background and the colors..
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks. Wee little thing it was.
  • [ Rodelicious ] said:
    nice detail. looks as if it was shot in your studio, Dave.
  • David de Groot said:
    Amazing what a tissue "floor" and an envelope "wall" will do eh ?
  • -spam- said:
    Has to be one of the weirdest spiders ive seen so far...
  • HPVD Photos said:
    Fantastic macro, love the way you took that shot.
  • teejaybee said:
    Cool stuff - weird lookin' too... especially the palps (see-thru?)
  • suburbanvoodoo said:
    You could use this to pay your electricity bill :-)
  • maasha said:
    I so much wish I had more eyes.
  • rumblemumbles said:
    ARGH..... there was a spider in my shower this morning...so like the brave person I am I ran down the hall to find my mum to squish it. yukky. nice photo but scary subject
  • MΛЯK said:
    Odd looking fellow... Great shot.
  • David de Groot said:
    Definitely a bit odd. Different from the usual jumping spiders we get.
    Thanks :)
    Translucent at least anyway.
    I dunno, might be a problem, think of how much more stuff you don't want to see, you'd have no choice in seeing.
    Wuss, this little fellow would have been lucky to have been 5mm long.
    Thanks :) Certainly different.
  • [ Kane ] said:
    Ah, scary little buggers ;)
  • David de Groot said:
    But it's only a wee little one :P