Fire, past and present

Taking advantage of the late afternoon light while waiting for it to get dark and the stars to come out.

View all photos taken: Sunday, 22nd August 2010, This photo: 5:02pm

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  • deftone2k said:
    This is just so great David... been looking at it for 5mins now.
    Id love it on a wall.
  • renanluna said:
    Incredible landscape!
  • looby88 said:
    you've posted a post !! ( well okay strictly a stump )
    seriously lovely landscape though !
  • Dave Valentine said:
    Great shot, the colours work really well and walk you through the frame. Nicely done.
  • SkattyKat said:
    awesome - love the colours ..
  • zaman19 said:
    Excellent lascape !!!!!!!!!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] That can be arranged :) What size would you like and I'll price it out.
    [] Thanks :)
    [] Sure have Helen! 8-)
    [] Thanks Dave. This land is inhabited by cattle who left handy paths through the grass that helps with leading lines.
    [] Thanks Kath :) Bit of a sucker for grass in the late afternoon.
    [] Thanks!
  • chooks! said:
    Nice landscape photo Dave :)
  • loevring said:
    Incredible photo! Im impressed!
    Have a nice day!

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  • teejaybee said:
    Dang amazing light!
    (ugh @ flickriver)
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Thanks Tim :)
    [] Thanks!
    [] Quite so (on both counts). ;-)
  • ghis44free said:
    Here is still the haughtiness photograph.
  • Jon McManus said:
    The colour is great... almost like something out of an old photograph, and I have a thing for old photographs. :-)
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Thanks
    [] Aye, lovely dusky colours. Combination of late afternoon, and a fair bit of smoke around from several large back-burning operations.
  • MarshallsArt said:
    beautiful imagery here!