Brisbane City on a lazy Saturday evening

Shot from the top of Kangaroo Point Cliffs. People were out having picnics and I was finishing up some one-on-one training for a lovely couple heading to Nepal.

Dusk is getting longer as we approach summer which necessitated a slightly longer stay on site than any of us had planned on.

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  • aramisfirefly said:
    Great shot with the small spikey trees Dave!!
  • Martin LaBar said:
    Lovely, indeed!
  • James Lagden said:
    Another great shot from Kangaroo Point Dave, Well done.
  • Jesse4870 said:
    Good original touch with the spikey trees, nice one!
  • looby88 said:
    whereas we are heading into winter, the clocks have gone back and the evenings are dark, misery !
    very colourful, almost makes a city look appealing !
  • ohhh....snap! said:
    Awesome photo:)
  • Unrelated Patterns said:
    Wonderful cityscape!
  • renanluna said:
    Congrats, fantastic picture!
  • Stephen M Reid said:
    Great foreground interest to set the scene
  • [ Kane ] said:
    Nice one David. Looks like you got some good conditions for the students.
  • Phil Rettke Photography said:
    Lovely shot David!
  • Bumblebee Photo said:
    lovely colors and bright lights!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Yeah the spiky plants really add something :)
    [] Thanks!
    [] Bit shot to death I'm afraid, but at least I got different foreground interest this time.
    [] Yep, something a little different.
    [] Quite Helen ;-) I don't venture into the Big Smoke too often. Work during the week is up-river a bit and not actually in the city itself.
    [] [] [] Thanks guys :)
    [] Sure does. Have a nice gamut of foreground, midground and background in this one.
    [] Yeah 'tweren't bad. Clouds didn't go awesomely pink, just a dusty orangey shade for a minute or so, but at least they added a little shape to the sky.
    [] Thanks Phil :)
    [] 'twould be even better on a week night, more lights.
  • jasnat93 said:
    Great night scene of a cityscape David. Well exposed from the foreground to the back ground.
  • 41JAS said:
    The forground spikes are a great framing. It doesn't take anything away from the city which is nice a sharp.
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Thanks!
    [] Thanks Jules. It's been suggest to me elsewhere that the spiky plants might be too bright - not sure though.
  • doug.terrill said:
    Fantastic shot great foreground
  • Charlijco y su Galeria © said:
    Bonita foto, tiene unos colores estupendos.
    Felicidades por el explore
    Buen domingo

    Pincha aqui para ver La galeria de Charlijco
  • Siuloon said:
    Awesome pic....
    so much interesting.......
    congrats on explore.....

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  • BURKE79_323 said:
    conrgrats ! Beautiful Capture ! ~ Keep up the good work.
  • PAk. / said:
    So nice!!
    The idea is great and the composition is awesome.Fantastic!!
  • 15 Seconds Of Fame said:
    Great shot! We'd be honored if you joined or group!
    You deserve 15 Seconds Of Fame!

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  • Paul & Jan Allen said:
  • weareGOLDEN.mj said:
    really gorgeous!!!! well done! congrats!
  • SkattyKat said:
    beautiful composition & the colours are very stricking Dave
  • Chris.E said:
    Wonderful night shot.
  • David de Groot said:
    [] Thanks Doug, yeah got the whole fore/mid/back ground thing happening nicely.
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] Thanks!
    [] The city did good that evening Kath. Actually I suspect there may be a couple of extra coloured lights on the old girl these days.
  • demis75 said:
  • *ChRiSeDa* said:
    beautiful image and colors
  • Waqas Sadiq said:
    Your pic becomes nominee of "Rose Petal Award"
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    please tag your photo as "rosepetal"
  • pointblock said:
    Great shot, nice composure & exposure!
  • pareshsamat said:
    One of the best shots I have seen for a long time.
    brilliant shot
  • said:
    great capture /// belle photo, des Photos pour imager le Monde
  • grazanna said:
    Beautiful colors, amazing picture !
  • Simple Monkey said:
  • S Bavido said:
    Great shot, I really like the reflecting lights.
    One of my student visited this city last summer, and talked about it in a speech I coached her on last fall. She took 4th place out of all the junior high students in the county!
  • David de Groot said:
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] Thanks!
    [] Well done to both of you then :) I hope our pretty city left a good impression.