Big CAT spotted at Brisbane Airport

News at 11 ;-)

While waiting for Johnno's delayed flight, I found a bulldozer in a construction zone and decided to try some night photography. Could have benefited from a flash into the cabin, but I didn't have that with me.

View all photos taken: Friday, 3rd October 2008, This photo: 10:19pm

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  • [ Kane ] said:
    Never waste a moment!
  • David de Groot said:
    Well the flight was delayed 90mins or something, no way I was spending that much on parking! ;-)
  • s.westhead (Simon) said:
    Wow what a cool shot, it is always good to see something different. I have done some work around there of late and there are some amazing industrial photo ops, if only I wasn’t on my way to work.
  • Xenedis said:
    Very nice. Some blue hour action in there (or some tungsten white balance).
    Didn't you see me waving from the 767? I noticed a flash down below, and figured "Ah, there's a Strobist in the area". Must've been you. :-)
  • ronnietan15 said:
    area was opened for the public?
  • HPVD Photos said:
    Fantastic capture, as you said it would have benefited with a flash in the cabin and that would have been nearly 10/10, maybe next time.
    Nice work all the same, love it.
  • Warwick (wazzam) said:
    Who would've thought a piece of crap earthmoving machine could look so good. Well done Dave.
  • Rob Ferris || CARJO Photography said:
    Where's the worker with the hard hat and the look of prosperous expectation? ;)
    As has been said, you don't see photos like this often. Nice work. =)
  • Jack High said:
    Looks great. The wide angle adds atmosphere. I like how it is isolated as well.
  • Yorri¢k said:
    fantastic night work
  • accesser said:
    Nice pic really nice composure, I work out that way I'll have to keep an eye out for something like that
  • David de Groot said:
    Aye, 'tis interesting to come across this stuff. :)
    Bit early for that - your flight didn't land for another hour or so after this.
    Not exactly...
    Indeed - next time I take flashes and gels with me ;-)
    Scrubs up ok eh ?
    Obviously off on a tea break ;-)
    'twas a good spot, I dare say it looks entirely different now though.
    Thanks Richard :)
    Definitely worth watching out for.
  • Rob Ferris || CARJO Photography said:
    Dave: Indeed!
    Actually, I know someone that owns a backhoe. And I know of a (female) model interested in that sort of concept. Might be an idea for the BNE Strobists - I'm picking up an off-camera sync cord tomorrow so all I'd need is a flash!
  • David de Groot said:
    Could be quite interesting.