Strobist Info: Nikon SB-28 into home made ring light (made by Ben Hew). Vivitar 285HV with red gel behind subject.

100mm lens at f/5.6, 1/200, iso 100.

Taken late in the day after sunset in a tunnel with white walls leading to one of the invisible gun emplacements.

View all photos taken: Sunday, 20th April 2008, This photo: 5:36pm

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  • benhew said:
    Nice one Dave. (Yep, it was an SB-28).

    Love the red in her hair - I didn't seem to capture much of that in my shots for some reason.
  • David de Groot said:
    Maybe the red one didn't fire for you ?
  • Jon McManus said:
    It looked great in your tiny LCD screen when you showed it to me, looks even better here!
  • Panorama Paul said:
    Just can't take my eye off that upper-lip stud... pity, because she has a very pretty face and gorgeous eyes!!
  • David de Groot said:
    I'm pretty please too - I didn't do anything to this shot, just imported to LR and exported to flickr :)
    Aye, each to their own I reckon.
  • petepothole said:
    I like the red lighting from the side!
    looks like a natural redhead as well!
  • Sony Asgar said:
    It's so nice. I like the skin tone and red highlight on the hair.
  • David de Groot said:
    The red worked well and I'm happy how it came out :) Easy to do too.
    I have a more evil version I'll post later :)