Model: Emily Symes

Shot at Simon's studio, Burpengary, Qld.

View all photos taken: Saturday, 8th November 2008, This photo: 2:36pm

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  • HPVD Photos said:
    Angels in Queensland?? Very nice capture David.
  • Lushpup Images said:
    Gorgeous David (the model and light .... not you you beardy weardy ;-) )
    Nice work particularly with rim lighting the top of her wings ... I do feel that her lower half is lost somewhat in the dark textures (is she sitting with her skirt splayed out?) ... and I'm not convinced that her top quite goes with the chocolate brown but now I'm just being a picky fashion snob!
    I've suggested a crop which would enhance the intimacy but preserve scene ... feel free to delete :-)
  • Andou Ryuu said:
    Classy David! :-)
  • David de Groot said:
    Danke :)
    Beardy weardy ! Bah! :P
    As for the bottom half, year, splayed skirt. I've added a vignette here, which probably doesn't help in that respect. As for fashion, I didn't have a lot of say in that. I have another tighter shot (similar to the crop suggestion) that I might post later.
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Andrew :)
  • yinyang said:
    nicely done David, despite the fact that you have a beard lol!!
  • s.westhead (Simon) said:
    Very nice warm skin tones. I think it looks nice a little darker it draws your eyes to Emily's.
  • andy_roo designs said:
    Really nice shot david I like the vignette, lighting and model are excellent.
  • David de Groot said:
    :P How's things btw ? Long time no see.
    Thanks Simon :) 'twas a good day in an excellent studio :)
    (actually remembered to post the CDs today too)
    Thanks Andy.
  • Jon McManus said:
    Nice, David! Already mentioned, but I like the light capture on the top of the wings.
  • David de Groot said:
    It occurs to me I didn't put any lighting info in the description. The rimlight on the wings was provided by a flash placed on the ground behind her. There was a flash on a boom above, and another in an umbrella to camera left.
  • Aussie.501 said:
    What a great capture.....I love the scene
  • FrAcTuReD...fOtOs said:
    I actually don't mind how it fades away to darkness. I'm a fan of that. Forget the fashion as I am with Geoff here. As you mentioned though, sometimes you have to go with the flow. All in white and some sort of soft flowing outfit would be perfect. Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I think you have done a wonderful job with the lighting David.
  • NKN Photography said:
    Nice shot Dave.
  • David de Groot said:
    Well yes, ideally something white would have been good - or off-white, or maybe, just to be contrary, a red catsuit, but none of those were an option on the day.
    Worked out pretty well though, even if it wasn't exactly what I was thinking of.
    Thanks Nigel :)
  • Mr Magoo ICU said:
    Not shot David; It might be just enough motivation for me to get out and shoot that angel series ive been thinking about for some 12 odd months. Emily really suits the "angel" look (i dont exactly know what that is, but it works). Ligthing is great, nice and smooth.
  • David de Groot said:
    I'd love a set of wings like Joe McNally has, you could do some awesome things with a big set of wings.