Tag: Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM

Echo of a Seagull Surprise! Wine Glasses Grey Fantail perching Laughing Kookaburra Bye Bye Kookaburra Watching the watchers Straw-Necked Ibis Silver Gull in flight Red-backed Fairy Wren Koala in the wild Tawny Frogmouth Fence Just Ride Olive-backed Sunbird Yellow-faced Honeyeater Blue-winged Kookaburra Variegated Fairy Wren Eastern Reef Heron (dark morph) Catch of the Day Brown Honeyeater The elusive Platypus Sunbeams through the fog Greenhill Sunset Phone Home... Yellow-Faced Honeyeater Are you looking at me? Ambra up close Peek-a-boo Female Scarlet Robin Striated Pardalote Angry little bird Brown Cuckoo-dove Sarah and the Tiger Ambra Tribute The food line Immature Rainbow Lorikeet Jono Treelopping Rainbow Bee-Eater with Bee Bird on a wire Noisy Miner Rainbow Bee-Eater Male and Female Red-Backled Fairy Wrens We have liftoff... Grey Fantail Today's Birding Cedar Creek Reloading Queensland Colonial Officer Retaliation Air raid! Air Raid! Officer Bested Ze Germans are coming! 64lb Gun firing Yellow Faced Honeyeater The wet sheep Brisbane CBD Panorama City Buildings The Suicidal Tawny Frogmouth Almond Biscotti Lea Female Superb Fairy Wren What's in my Bag ? Red Leaf, Green Grass Snake on a 5D New Toy Kookaburra in flight Variegated Fairy Wren Jump! Strike a Pose Eastern Yellow Robin She's a Killer... Smile Liesel  (?) Australian Magpie Brown Honeyeater Scarlet Honeyeater Couple Serenade Female Superb Fairy-wren Red-Browed Finches Hop! Chook Racing Pigs Are you looking at me ? Welcome Swallow Ruby Ruby on the grass Summer fashion Fun in the Sun The Laughing Ninja Kara Long-Billed Corella Lots of Fruit Bats Black-Shouldered Kite Puffy white clouds Stormy Clouds, Golden Tree Bird on a Stick Female Variegated Fairywren (crop) Beginnings of a storm Apricot Chicken Results of rain Mt Mee Mt Mee Astronomical Smiley Face Log Heidi Martin Bright Eyes Last sunset of 2008 Azure Kingfisher Red Panda Gi'z a Kiss Siding My what a big tongue you have... Seals have heart shaped noses Something green from South America Superb Fairy-wren Brolga Clear Mountain View Are you looking at me ? Treehugger Rosie looking for a title Lamp Emergency Rescue at Mt Glorious Rd Red-Browed Finch Superb Fairy-wren Brisbane by Day Baby Water Dragon Caption contest Kookaburra in flight Number 94 Lace Monitor Sigma 10--20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Magpie Lark with Spider Aleks Watching the Surfers Alliance Airlines Crested Pigeon At Peace Trevor Kane Ebony Sashaan Ashley Wet Currawong Fungi More practice required... Female Red-backed Fairy-wren Breakfast Frivolity Swan Lake Pink clouds and a Rainbow Willie Wagtail Cynthia Nicole Cockatoo in Flight Matt Geisha Girl Mistletoebird Oxley Creek Commons Sunrise Double-barred Finch P51D Mustang Silvereye Late afternoon surf The reason I'm not at work today... Nocturnal Visitor Just a tree at sunset The path less trodden Caught a few rays... Test model ;-) Cannon Firing The tongue of concentration Surrealism, an experiment Sunset from Ft Lytton With flowers in her hair... Mount Funnel Sunset What's in my Camera Bag? Allan Me and My Shadow Kara in the Tunnel Teegan at Fort Lytton Kara in the Generator Room Teegan & Jess Brisbane on a rainy night Milky Way - attempt #2 Sarah North Pine Dawn Star of the Show ? Kara with Red Hair The Story Bridge is Pink Sunrise over North Pine Dam Nick, the Friendly Zombie Kym and the Cactus Sian Sunset Layers Jess and her reflection Kym Stormcloud snapshot Bella Jess Natural Bridge Purlingbrook Falls - Vertorama Mel's Hut Just a cloudscape Wivenhoe Dam - 1999 - 2007 - 2010 A Pastel Scene Spiderweb Country Road Female Golden Whistler Country Girl Tent-pegging Tank go BOOOM Fire! German Half-track I love the smell of napalm in the morning... History Alive is on this weekend! Special Night Firing French Infantry Portrait of a Knight Number 5 Gun The French take the Hill Napoleonic Military Portrait Trees and Cows Courtney and that's no bull Baby inside At the end of the day... Green Bridge, near Andy Williams Park, Cedar Creek 4520 Storm brewing Stormclouds from Quirrindi Another view of the start of the year Landslide on our property Brisbane riverfront in flood Old fence Horses at Emu Creek The view from Cunningham's Gap The Frisky Little Pony Glasshouse Mountains Of Pine Forests and Lumps of Rock With proper obedience training, you don't need rope. In a reflective MOOd The Encore Canadian Car & Foundry Harvard Mk IV. Lighthorse at Sunset AGS Machine Gun Nest Boom! Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams as seen from Mt Mee A flash in the pan Number 6 Gun, Sunday Morning firing. Nankeen Kestrel Contemplative Gypsy Qld Permanent Artillery Sunset at Rocky Creek Dam Kara (reshoot)