Tag: Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II

View over Cedar Creek View from Mt O'Reilly Valentine's Pizza - Diptych Martin Reflection Stumps - hung Whirlpool - hung Beef and Beans on Rice Backyard Creek - Diagonal Stitch Jono on Blue Lemon Prawns Happy Australia Day The Photographer Abstract Kara, Outside Experimenting with Hard Light Cedar Creek Falls Baboon Death of a Mango Female Cassowary Mum Dad Light Test Christmas Carpet Snake on our Driveway Carpet Snake on our Driveway Mecha-Cyclops Duckie Loves Christmas Minolta Weathermatic A James at the Coffee Club The overnight rain Jono by the Creek Visitor Do you think someone's watching us ? Watching the watcher Where's Arthur Dent ? Moonrise Liquid Gold Goanna on a Rock Kara Kara in a Bucket Hat Wampoo Fruit Dove Lightbulb Test Sarina Sugar Mill Pumpkin Pie Rocks in the surf Cedar Creek cascade Volcanic Pacman Rocks amidst the mist View from Peases Lookout Harvest Moon over Biloela Crosshatch Palms Kara Found Bee on Lavender The Geodesic Dome (50mm) Last pink of sunset Guess Where Brisbane Chimping Mangrove Seed Inside a Daisy Flying Green Ant Little Black Ants Ducky makes an appearance Eleven Avarice Helen Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Inspiration is... Bee on Grevillea #2 Bee on Grevillea Guess Where Brisbane frozenswirl caught on camera Boys toys Beef Curry Bushfire mens suit factory Martin Tanya from Lorraine Ashton's Classic Circus Spot the photographer... Blacksmith at work Martin busy shooting. The Lemon Attempt #8 All alone Dalek Red Crates and Coffee Cups Ecky Thump Kara at Vroom Below the waterline Office Block bon apetite Stereoscopic Wivenhoe Dam Intermediate Egret Lizard on a Leash Fallen Tree Guess Where - Brisbane A flock of photographers World's Ugliest Church Shooting ??? What really happened to Che Brisbane photographers escape Moore Park It smells! Rae Indooroopily Hotel Typical Large Indooroopily House Nikhi under the Bridge J Profile Chris, Evil Genius Ming Little Red Boots Puppy with a rubber duck Pair of Puppies Tawny Frogmouth Australian Magpie Immature Butcher Bird The Duyfken leaving Brisbane Kangaroo Point Stereo Puppy in a Basket Random Photographers Marina Half asleep Poking it's tongue Fog in the valley I can see over the wall... Hard Coffee Hello there! Black Sheep Ale IR Tree Tetratych Roadtrip time... What's in my Bag ? Beauty Dish test Beauty Dish This cutlery is forkin' twisted!