Tag: Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II

View over Cedar Creek View from Mt O'Reilly Valentine's Pizza - Diptych Martin Reflection Stumps - hung Whirlpool - hung Beef and Beans on Rice Backyard Creek - Diagonal Stitch Jono on Blue Lemon Prawns Happy Australia Day The Photographer Abstract Kara, Outside Experimenting with Hard Light Cedar Creek Falls Baboon Death of a Mango Female Cassowary Mum Dad Light Test Christmas Carpet Snake on our Driveway Carpet Snake on our Driveway Mecha-Cyclops Duckie Loves Christmas Minolta Weathermatic A James at the Coffee Club The overnight rain Jono by the Creek Visitor Do you think someone's watching us ? Watching the watcher Where's Arthur Dent ? Moonrise Liquid Gold Goanna on a Rock Kara Kara in a Bucket Hat Wampoo Fruit Dove Lightbulb Test Sarina Sugar Mill Pumpkin Pie Rocks in the surf Cedar Creek cascade Volcanic Pacman Rocks amidst the mist View from Peases Lookout Harvest Moon over Biloela Crosshatch Palms Kara Found Bee on Lavender The Geodesic Dome (50mm) Last pink of sunset Guess Where Brisbane Chimping Mangrove Seed Inside a Daisy Flying Green Ant Little Black Ants Ducky makes an appearance Eleven Avarice Helen Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Inspiration is... Bee on Grevillea #2 Bee on Grevillea Guess Where Brisbane frozenswirl caught on camera Boys toys Beef Curry Bushfire mens suit factory Martin Tanya from Lorraine Ashton's Classic Circus Spot the photographer... Blacksmith at work Martin busy shooting. The Lemon Attempt #8 All alone Dalek Red Crates and Coffee Cups Ecky Thump Kara at Vroom Below the waterline Office Block bon apetite Stereoscopic Wivenhoe Dam Intermediate Egret Lizard on a Leash Fallen Tree Guess Where - Brisbane A flock of photographers World's Ugliest Church Shooting ??? What really happened to Che Brisbane photographers escape Moore Park It smells! Rae Indooroopily Hotel Typical Large Indooroopily House Nikhi under the Bridge J Profile Chris, Evil Genius Ming Little Red Boots Puppy with a rubber duck Pair of Puppies Tawny Frogmouth Australian Magpie Immature Butcher Bird The Duyfken leaving Brisbane Kangaroo Point Stereo Puppy in a Basket Random Photographers Marina Half asleep Poking it's tongue Fog in the valley I can see over the wall... Hard Coffee Hello there! Black Sheep Ale IR Tree Tetratych Roadtrip time... What's in my Bag ? Beauty Dish test Beauty Dish This cutlery is forkin' twisted! Rust Dayboro Day Crowds Experiments with a balloon Prelude One in the hand... Garden Plant Fairy lit Palm Trees Puppy Cuddle Guess Where - Brisbane #7 Train Fountain in the Sun Waterfall My Guitar Four Sleepy Puppies Sleeping Puppy Star Trails The aftermath of rain Five Sleepy Puppies Puppy #1 Brisbane at Dusk - Panorama Freshly baked Puppy Brisbane at Night Duckie in Peril! Intermediate Egret Tribute Guess Where - Brisbane #3 The full skeleton Industrial Fossil Anchored in the City Bucket on a Stick Wooden Parrot Bush Stone Curlew in the Gardens Holden Blimp And off he goes... White Faced Heron Rick Rosie The Sheepdogs A Shot in the Dark... Blue Look Up! Dots Grandpa's 1961 Studebaker Lark VIII Pink Clouds and Ibis Light and Shadow On the way home... There's a baby somewhere with a cold footsie... A Wild Fork Forkin' Mouse Kara & Jono Hitching a ride... Plaster Ceiling Decoration A Smellie Product Stained Glass Old Government House Heart of Stone A study in Pork Pies Bushfire My 1964 Studebaker Cruiser Transtar Headlight 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk A & J dancing Avanti Shake a tail feather... The Raffle Car Oldest car there... Zombies like Mormons Burning Log Smoke Attack! Jane On the lookout... Zombie Wiggles Zombie Gathering Brains Aleks' Spelling Hidden Kara, Sneaky Trolley Vintage Camera Triptych Couldn't give a fig... Off the Rails... Smiley Steam train Telephone Three Crates Shadow Arches Albert St Uniting Church from above Duckie in Town Hall The Lift Driver Old man on a bench At the end of the night... Sleeping it off Coralie (ferrous) at the Regatta Blue Bins, Red Crate Colour Lights Abstract Smoky Brisbane Spotted! Aleks finds a use for the empty chip container Jono Chips... and Helen Greg resuscitates Duckie Not Swimming, Drowning Paul through Beer Goggles Leffe Brune and Kara I'm not a Terrorist, I'm a Photographer Naldham House untitled Running for the Plane Corner of Edward and Alice Streets Good on you Mum! New TimTams More Tim Tams A duck's eye view... Duck on the path The artist and her art Albert Jane slurping something... Pedro Kate Charlie (red bow sepia version) Charlie (red bow version) Charlie Camera Lessons Coralie (by request) The Infamous Cupcake Ana came back with a tattoo... It's not everyday you get to shoot an elephant... Coralie Heidi Rae Jane Snap Snap! Chimping... Hammerhead shark head-dress Pretending to be a journalist... Bang bang! Ana surprising herself with her artistic abilities! Rae produces a work of art Not the Japanese Flag Two headed Dolls Obligatory eating shot... Duckie and Louise Louise enamoured with Albert's Lens Found fire - pano Bamboo Abandoned and Alone Water Lily - Lotus Flower Waterfall in the Gardens Eel Turtle Mother shows off Pacific Black Duck Lily Pads The fountain in the Mall Rachel's Dinner Lachlan Chinese Lion Smile! Chinatown manhole cover Random Guy Kara Father and Son Fascination Lions on the move The Lion Dance begins Brother E Boy Believe Chris with camera Duckie checking out a Valley Tart Girl Eaten by Lion Meow! IR Experiment Baby Elephant Walk Dessert! Creek's Up Citytrain at Bowen Hills Closeup filter test Smarty....tongue? Rachel shooting Pedro Red Crates Cyron Kara XXXX Duckie Avarice & Pedro Heidi A gaggle of flickrites The Cake Squidward Tentacles & Duckie Duck The perfect place... Upon Reflection... Panning Practice #1 Duckie and the Story Bridge Twisted #2 Twisted #1 Duckie's first outing Old Stables Heartless Duck #1102 Arrives in Brisbane Proof of the existence of the world at 5am... Strangler Fig Ex-Army Motorcycle Stone Mason at work Wooden Cow Jaguar Spider Lily Do you really need an excuse ? Comet McNaught in B&W Brisbane City Comet Mc Naught Comet McNaught (2006/P1) Sunset over Wivenhoe Lea in the Afternoon Unplugged Submerged Odd Flower Mangrove Wave Hanging On Lichen these textures... Grass Tree Blooming Ginger Home Upside-down Miss Jane! Water Dragon Flower Support Rocky Path B Positive Shell Ginger Blossums Garlic Tiger Prawns with Stir-fry vegetables in Oyster Sauce. Pirate Potato Heads Pond Apple Pie Sunset Rays Variagated Rose A red rose Lorikeets For Margot... Star Trails Puppy at the supermarket Kodak Pony 828 Leaving on a Jet Plane Aleks shooting the camera Aleks, stuck... Reflected Aleks & Lea Red Crate at Brisbane Airport Brisbane Domestic Airport But... Aleks Jono at the Airport Kara Kara at the Airport The plane! with bonus dinosaurs A tunnel for four year olds... Fluffly and coated in sugar... Dreamy Donuts FSU Rep. checking on the Demonstration Row of disgruntled employees Demonstrating for thier jobs Westpac Demonstators #2 Westpac Demonstators Old and Tattered Angles, Arches and Colours Pulpit St John's Cathedral Another Reversed Lens Macro Testing the SpeedLite 188A Night Driving Come into the Mangroves... Three Candles Kamikaze the Parrot Mangroves (before processing) Building at Ft Lytton Kara taking another shot Red Water Pump Hook! Baby Birds! Down the tunnel... Observation Slit triptych Greg's Large Format Camera Kara shoots across the river 4 inch gun Rachel & Steve Our Guide Pedro shoots Magazine Tunnel Big Gun Flickr Face Signals Bike Our Christmas Tree Reversed Lens Macro test Photo of a painting of a landscape scene Hickory Dickory Dock Angus - post-Grooming Angus - pre-Grooming City Tabernacle Happy Happy Pizza dipstych Windmill Sweets Duck on a Rock Squared Circle Splash! Does this side look better ? Encore! Duck #1 Water Dragon Red Crate in ANZAC Square So dry even the toads have shrivelled up... Ducks in Flight (crop) Old tree stump Kara sets up the shot No Swimming or Watercraft! Rose on a Barbed Wire Fence Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo Lunch Gotcha CA Test - Strong Backlight Dusky Moorhen Traffic Cone Jono being silly Red Crate Hiding Flower Hand - ver 2.0 Purple Daisy New Kit Canon T50 SLR Old Cameras My Ute Girraween IR Storm Clouds over Samford Buckethead Girl