Tag: Canon EF 100mm F/2.8 Macro USM

The Fire Escape Chicken Emereld-spotted Treefrog Corn Candid Kara Jono in Blue Jono Harak Mas Curry Blue Kara Kara in high-key sepia The Chicks are getting bigger... Jade on the grass Brisbane Hazy Sunset Kara Kara of the streaming hair Sweet Fruity Yorkshire Pudding Maggie on the railing Jade Sunset The Uma Thurman Pose Maggie - blue sky Jade The Group! The Group! Bond Girl Tiny frog in the grass (Litoria latopalmata) Tiny frog (Litoria latopalmata) Kara of the many coloured hair Eastern Water Dragon Pancakes with Blueberry Coulis Inquisitive Lebanese style Date Crescents New Family Members Salted Chillies Fiddle Beetle Blueberry Dumplings with Custard Ghost on the Pier Orthetrum caledonicum - Male (probably) Diplacodes bipunctata - Male Small Grasshopper Swish! Hang in there... Signal Fly Return of the Yellow Mushroom Prawn Curry Apple & Blueberry Pie Katydid Lamb Curry & Roti Bee My photos on a wall Snail Parasite Blowfly Spanish Sausage Stew with Chickpea Flatbread Skink Fish Curry Hover fly Bitey Droplet Fungi Here's looking at you kid... Kara's Leech Shiny Fly Longicorn Beetle - Cerambycidae Sp. - Hesthesis angulatus Our Snake Tiny Spider Moth Shelob Watch Langos Shell by the sea Jade (on film) Jumping Spider Here's looking at you... Zombie Paul What's in my Bag ? Pea and Ham Soup Out of Season Visitor Greg Nurse Mel the Zombie Chris as a Zombie Red Flowers Canna Lily Lindsay-Anne in b&w Börek Working hard Turkish Baked Chicken with Chickpea Rice Pilaf Pink Grass Profile of a treefrog Emerald-Spotted Treefrog Gum Leaves Individual Strawberry Pudding Tiny rocketfrog of some sort Frog from above Our first Egg Bee Yet another bee... Another bee Bee on a weed Green moth Rich Chocolate Mud Cake Meat Pie Baby Welcome Swallow Paper Daisy and a Fly Dinner! Waiter!  There's a Fly in my cup! Jumping spider Purple Wildflowers Coolest Present Ever! Castle Ruins Spotty! Pink Eucalypt Flowers Name this froglet... Peron's Tree Frog Mark II Dragonfly Sweet Beef Curry Saturday Morning Breakfast Birthday Cake Red red rose Beetle Froggy! Pear Strüdel Some sort of wasp like insect Weird Bug The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar High Five I Spy Froggie! Portrait of a Dragon Dawrf Green Treefrog Sweet Potato Layer Pie One of the young feathertail gliders