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Cowled The Holga Pose The Fire Escape Chicken Rocks Melanie - glance Astrid Christie looking up Ringlight reflection  (Astrid) Sunset Christie Astrid and the sunset Lest We Forget NSA Pipe Band Drummers Samford RSL Veterans Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Melanie - Low Key Astrid Christie Melanie Emereld-spotted Treefrog Brisbane Strobists - Group shot Black and White Coy Surprise! Chimping by the Sea Sassy Aft Flooded Pre-Dawn HQMS Gayundah Evening portrait session with Kara Kara in B&W Corn Candid Kara Jono in Blue Jono Harak Mas Curry Blue Kara Kara in high-key sepia The Chicks are getting bigger... Jade on the grass Brisbane Hazy Sunset Kara Kara of the streaming hair Sweet Fruity Yorkshire Pudding Maggie on the railing Jade Sunset The Uma Thurman Pose Maggie - blue sky Jade The Group! The Group! Bond Girl Tiny frog in the grass (Litoria latopalmata) Tiny frog (Litoria latopalmata) Kara of the many coloured hair Eastern Water Dragon A difference of 8 months... Pancakes with Blueberry Coulis Inquisitive Lebanese style Date Crescents View over Cedar Creek New Family Members Salted Chillies Fiddle Beetle Shorncliffe Art Fire in the Sky Mini-Dunes Blueberry Dumplings with Custard Ghost on the Pier Pale-headed Rosella Kara - dawn light Pre-Dawn Shorncliffe Pier Orthetrum caledonicum - Male (probably) Diplacodes bipunctata - Male Small Grasshopper Swish! Hang in there... Signal Fly Return of the Yellow Mushroom Prawn Curry Apple & Blueberry Pie Katydid Lamb Curry & Roti Bee My photos on a wall Snail Parasite Blowfly Spanish Sausage Stew with Chickpea Flatbread Skink Meeting of two paths Varying light Fish Curry Hover fly Bitey Droplet Nectarine Fungi Tonight's Sunset Kara on Greg's Couch Here's looking at you kid... Kara's Leech View from Mt O'Reilly Shiny Fly Longicorn Beetle - Cerambycidae Sp. - Hesthesis angulatus Our Snake Tiny Spider Moth Shelob Watch Martin Reflection Stumps - hung Whirlpool - hung Our Creek Beef and Beans on Rice Backyard Creek - Diagonal Stitch Kirk Lane Bridge Jono on Blue Lemon Prawns I won ! The Grand Finale Boom! Fireworks over Lake Wivenhoe Happy Australia Day Trepidation The Photographer Abstract More Cedar Creek Kara, Outside Experimenting with Hard Light Cedar Creek Flowing Fast Our Backyard Creek Awash Foggs Rd Sunset Road Experiment #2 Drive Golden Hour Brisbane James Brisbane City Sunrise over the Dicky Cedar Creek Falls Skeleton Pre-Dawn Blue Echo of a Seagull Cyron Baboon Death of a Mango Seeing Double Eastern Water Dragon Female Cassowary Dinosaurs! Mum Dad Light Test Christmas Carpet Snake on our Driveway Carpet Snake on our Driveway Mecha-Cyclops Moo! Standing at the Gates of Hell Muntapa Tunnel Christmas Studebaker Duckie Loves Christmas Shiny Beetle Creek Panorama Circle of Photographers Would you photograph this man ? Bill Posters....wanted man Duckie at the Pav Fire Hydrant Seven Minolta Weathermatic A Playing with light Meandering Topknot Pigeons James at the Coffee Club Swimming Hole Falls Rushing past The day after rain The overnight rain Jono by the Creek Kara Screw James chimping