St Matthews Church

This is a stitch of 8 photos (using AutoStitch) of the rear of St Matthews Church, Mitchelton.

I was here to find a geocache but took the opportunity to take photos at the same time.

See this image for a brief history lesson on this building.

View all photos taken: Sunday, 3rd September 2006, This photo: 2:48pm

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  • Maki_C30D said:
    8 photos? Wow! fantastic creation! :)
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Maria.

    I'm quite impressed with this AutoStitch program.

    Neither the camera's "photostitch" or PhotoShop's batch photostitch could handle this particular collection of images (mainly due to some odd perspective in a couple of the frames), but AutoStitch did wonders.
  • benefit of hindsight said:
    David - I just had to pop by and have a look, and I'm glad I did.
    Really nice effect here !
  • looby88 said:
    LOL!! well you two guys often meet up on my photo stream!! David - meet David !! hee hee !

    very good stitching BTW
  • benefit of hindsight said:
    He he - and with just about every shot of David's I wanted to comment on - who's comments did I find there first ? ;-)
  • David de Groot said:
    Great minds ?

    Hi David!
  • Felix42 contra la censura said:
    Cool stitch!
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks :)

    It was a bit of fun, I should have done another one of the other end, but didn't know if I'd be able to stitch these together at the time of shooting.