Rosie and Angus

Rosie (on the left) and Angus (on the right). Our two West Highland White / Maltese Terrier crosses.

Rosie is a good breeder, having produced litters of 3, 7 and 5 respectively, which I guess makes Angus a good Dad too ;)

Uploaded for a thread on pets on The World Through my Eyes. Therefore, it's not here for any artistic purposes.

The thread in question is here.

View all photos taken: Thursday, 22nd September 2005, This photo: 10:59am

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  • Maki_C30D said:
    wow! Rosie is quite prolific! :) they're really cute!!!
  • AlexandraPhotos said:
    They are sweet looking dogs, artistic or not
  • looby88 said:
    they are cuties!