Charlie (red bow version)

This version specifically done for Rachel. I'm not sure the red bow entirely works, but there it is anyway.

Taken during the Eyecandy for the Broken Hearted Flickr Meet, 3rd March 2007.

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  • Felix42 contra la censura said:
    I think it works :) Thanks David!
    LOL, I wonder if her lips were painted what it would look like ;)
    Perhaps I need a class in these manipulations so I can stop pestering you! :)
  • David de Groot said:
    No probs :)

    Maybe photo editing classes need to be considered as meetup activities too - but I suspect we'd need someone with access to computer training facilities to sweet talk a room of computers for us. Either that or everyone brings a laptop. I know Harry could provide Gimp training, I'm not too bad at photoshop cs2, Rae should be pretty handy with photoshop elements.
  • Mark McCowen said:
    The red bow totally works especially with the B&W.
  • David de Groot said:
    Thanks Mark, I think I still prefer the plain b&w shot over the rest, followed by the duo/tri-tone ones, but this is starting to grow on me a little too.