Fantailed Cuckoo.

Fantailed Cuckoo. by David de Groot

On my backyard perch this morning, shot from the back door.

Monkey-face Spider

Monkey-face Spider by David de Groot

100mm macro plus 36mm, 20mm and 12mm extension tubes. (Effective magnification, 1.68x)
Not croppe...

Native Stingless Bee

Native Stingless Bee by David de Groot

These tiny black bees are native to Australia and have no sting. Being smaller than European Hone...

Today's storm from Mt Coot-tha

Today's storm from Mt Coot-tha by David de Groot

On the way home from work, I took a calculated risk and whizzed up to Mt Coot-tha for a quick sto...

Australasian Grebe

Australasian Grebe by David de Groot

in breeding plumage on Enoggera Reservoir.

Eastern Yellow Robin

Eastern Yellow Robin by David de Groot

Popped over to see who was making all the noise when out birding at Enoggera Reservoir this morning.

A Bell Miner (bellbird)

A Bell Miner (bellbird) by David de Groot

Nicely posing on a branch along the Border Ranges.

Bellbirds Interrupted

Bellbirds Interrupted by David de Groot

A congress of bellbirds (Bell Miners) who took notice of the shutter clicking.

Brown Honeyeater

Brown Honeyeater by David de Groot

On this profusely flowering bottlebrush there were quite a few Brown Honeyeaters having breakfast.

Red-backed Fairywrens singing

Red-backed Fairywrens singing by David de Groot

Messy background, but too cute not to post.

During a small break in the Southern Emu Wren actio...

Tawney-crowned Honeyeater

Tawney-crowned Honeyeater by David de Groot

Despite the name, Honeyeaters have a varied diet and are equally happy sipping nectar as they are...

Southern Emu Wren

Southern Emu Wren by David de Groot

Some populations of this bird are classified as Endangered, so it was a real treat to have the op...